Jitegemee Bro

When you seat in your house in the evening and look at your herd, remember it’s just you and yourself

I read that article, oh my what a demon. The world has gone absolutely insane!


Your only loyal friend as a man is your bank account. Even your closest family members can abandon you.

Hapo sasa,hii maneno ingine ni peer presha tu. Kama mbaya mbaya usijitese ju umati inakuangalia.

Jitolelee ukamchunge na uwache kuweka hasira kwa thorax aiseh

umafwi thread

Naskia umebuy electric car

True. I learned this from first-hand experience.

Your money is your best friend, and every human is inheritenly selfish.

Women are strange creatures, yani you have cancer and she wants to make it about her!!

Notice that she first described the ex as a “Dutch software engineer working for Google in London”. That was his value and convenience.

The minute he got cancer and became inconvenient, that’s when he became useless.

Women are very selfish creatures yet they expect men to drop everything for them.
Hii dunia uko wewe pekee yako ukijipata in such situations.

She has no concept of what love is all about. What I find most disturbing is how comfortable she feels telling the whole world about her extremely selfish, entitled behavior. I’m sure that if she was the one with the stage 4 brain cancer she would’ve expected him to stay by her side. But not all women are like her, there are some who will stick to you like a kunguni, through all of life’s ups and downs because of God.

“I felt like the man I loved was slipping away from me. I had been so close to having everything I wanted and then, all of a sudden, it had been snatched away.”