Jirongo. Can he be salvaged?

Former MP Cyrus Jirongo arrested over Ksh.20M debt

Dawa ya deni ni kulipa.

Mwizi anaibia mkora mwenzake…
YK92 friends will eventually help him…hopefully.

He does have a lot of property. Many tied up in court or without titles. But more than 10B minimum.

Shida za cash flow…

huyu mluhya aliweka kuma mbele

Ukedi haijamuua bado?

Kuma ya slayqueens inameza billions lakini haijai


So in other words hes broke. Liquidity is key.

Kwani jamaa ana invest in mandazi

He is Asset rich but Cash poor.Easily above 20B.His level of broke na brokeness ya watu wengine ni vitu mbili tofauti sana.A while back he was in partnership with Saudi’s in a deal valued at over 50B but juu ya the loans he defaulted on ,most of his property titles are held at CBK.Wealthy man

Yes broke.

If he has all these assets that you guys are claiming he has then it cannot be that hard to sell a few to pay off his debts. Unless those assets are tied up in court cases in which case you have to put an asterisk on his *assets

Arrested over a debt?Never seen that.
Shouldn’t he just be taken through the bankruptcy procedures.

I remember he had been declared bankrupt. How long does it take to walk out of bankruptcy?

but what if most of his property is worthless? You know in the Nyayo era they used to grab even crap. They weren’t the smartest bunch on earth. I heard the media for instance parroting ati airgate is worth 5 billion…

Airgate looks more like 700 million bob or less. Kitu yenyewe sijui imejengwa aje. Kenyan’s hupenda ku inflate sana, tena sana!

I mean this is what kshs. 4 billion looks like in Durban South Africa:


This is what kshs. 4 billion in South Sinai Egypt:

This is what 3 billion looks like in Botswana:


So when you say Jirongo is worth billions or has billions worth in land or property hio ni vako.

Ati Airgate mall embakasi iko ligi moja na Hilton Durban South Africa…


Enyewe Kenyan media hawakuwagi serious.


Au Michelangelo towers still in S.A.


He is bankrupt not necessarily broke.

Weuh…izo building ni kali sana.But i do not agree with what your saying hapo kwa Jirongo.His poor financial decisions mostly by thinking he was untouchable led him to his predicament today.He is among those moi era guys that used to borrow heavly from banks but refused to payback as required.Banks being banks wakangoja hadi Moi’s term to end na wakaanza kuitisha back their money.You can imagine if someone borrowed like 1B in early 90’s how much it would have accumulated to by now.Lakini pia he is backed by a very rich asset base…he was over 1000 acres of land in RUAI and kilimambogo!1000 acres msee…karibu na a major City…For someone who has the ear of Sheik Rakadh Bin Salem Bin Hamed Bin Rakadh…a dollar billionaire and one time CEO of OPEC,relative to Amir of Qatar Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani;you cannot dismis him like that