Jioni pserko... I need therapy....

I think I’m a bitter woman… I just realized I don’t know how to forgive, leave alone to let go… What can I do?? How can I learn to forgive??

They say time heals all wounds but it’s been almost four years goddammit!!

i know a friend who sells good forgiving gels in water tight jars.nirushie depo i organise.asande

Wewe ni mjinga sana…

Take you as you are.

I shouldn’t live without forgiving people… No one is perfect and they are bound to make mistakes.

Kenyarra senior alisema forgive but never forget…that way uko chonjo kila time…

I’m unable to forgive…

sasa ni nani amekutombea bwana jamaneni.anika yeye mara hio hio!!!

I don’t mind sharing… Bora nisiwapate in the act

You got too much drama my love, ukiingia huku third floor sijui itakuwaje.:D:D:D:D:D

thats coz you havent let go na umebeba mabaggage za beef. i understand ni hard coz… maybe your filled with thoughts of revenge, forgiving will make you look like a coward or you are addicted to the adrenaline the anger provides…

either way you first need to know what forgiveness is second your not doing it for the other person but for yourself…to forgive means you have accepted what happened and you have found a way to live with it

by doing so doesnt mean you are excusing the others action or that you will forget what happened or that you must tell them you have forgiven them or he/she must be included in your life zii

If you decide you are willing to forgive, find a good place and time to be alone with your thoughts.Think about the incident that angered you. Accept that it happened. Accept how you felt about it and how it made you react…
then acknowledge the growth you experienced as a result of what happened. What did it make you learn about yourself, or about your needs and boundaries? Not only did you survive the incident, perhaps you grew from it.Now think about the other person. He or she is flawed because all human beings are flawed.
Finally, decide whether or not you want to tell the other person that you have forgiven him or her.

Forgiveness puts the final seal on what happened that hurt you …by doing that you will have peace of mind.

your therapist

I might kill sumbarry:D

I realized that I didn’t deal with it emotionally… Maybe I should talk to you in private if you don’t mind… :slight_smile:

Its just sex, men are wired differently, they can sleep with anyone with zero feeling since its all lust and physical. So he probably has forgotten about it already unless she was really good. Women on the other hand are the opposite, emotional attachment can set in even before the act and sex is really personal for them. Forgive and forget or you will hold yourself back from enjoying life fully.

i dont mind

Life is too short to hold grudges…
Quality sex will do you justice.

Hahaha… Right!

I worry a little about you sometimes. But you have noticed there is a kaproblem somewhere. The way forward in my opinion is start by loving yourself and I mean hard and thinking less about others unless they are your children. Hao wengine wanaitwa RENDES (Kerende).

It took me a little while.

Bringing your problems to ktalk will leave you even more empty. What you are doing is avoiding the issue by opting to talk to online strangers and that is a very common coping mechanism.

There’s only one person I could talk to and I pushed him away. This is the only way I can get through this…