Jionee Mwenyewe


Hehe these things are obvious. Arnold, Stallone, Carlos Ray(norris), etc have built a career and a whole movie industry based on misinformation of the world and the americans about Vietnam war. In the movies they win and run over the vietcong. In reality, they lost and ran away in haste. Americans now believe their military actually beat the viet cong and the veterans of the war are actually successful heroes that fought for “freedom”. now movies on 2003 iraq war are out and reality is inverted.

Same with WWII where movies and documentaries show “freedom was fought for” yet during that time, our grandfathers and great grandfathers were interned in death camps here in East africa and massacres similar to exterminations by German SS were carried out regularly. We were labeled with vipandes just like jews had to wear a star in SS death camps. Our people were also being worked to death just like the jews, the polish, hungarians, and russians of asian descent. how can you liberate people from death camps while you have your own death camps.

The british quit colonies to achieve the moral victory over hitler but the damage had already been done. only propaganda could help.
And by the way the british are the best in the world with propaganda. If you remember the “it’s coming home”, it gives you a small peek into who they are.

Rusha link ,nitawatch baadae,looks interesting