Jimmy wanjigi

Guys jimmy wanjigi is in trouble…

He asked for it, and trouble was delivered to Him, roho safi. Reminds me of way back in the days, NBC had a radio program called ‘Yours For the Asking’
One-jiggy is the gear that is driving the Bull$hit in this country.

leta full info nv, humbwer!

Are you in kenya asshole, and you dont have idea the shits going on in the country bitch!


Fucking Uthamaki regime…

I think the guy is being groomed for a political position in 2022. Come to think of it say Onejiggy on an odm ticket against chokoraa Sonko would be an interesting battle.

Rubbish post

usijaze server na umeffi, if you put up a thread here, it better meet the basic minimum requirements of being complete, factual, original and above all else informative. humbwer ghassia takataka!


Buda wewe si dem so that we can beg you to give us full info. Hata madem we don’t beg them siku hizi

Delete this post immediately if he doesn’t comply, unabembeleza nini kwani? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

You are still a fool

i second that, U DONT POST NUSU MKATE then go ahead na maringo ya Poko ameiba pori ya mteja ati sasa uko juu

You’re a moron! The man is a billionaire many many many many times over, why will get himself into a fight with a chokoraa over a job!!

Ati Miguna alidhani ni untachable akaambia Matiangi come baby come. Next day at 5am kabla apige Mrng glory alimshwa na detonators and within 72hrs he was no longer a Kenyan.:D:D:D kweli serikal inawenyewe

Small penised imbecile. Jinga kabisa

You passed by the mama mboga’s place and heard them discussing One-Jiggy… the only words you heard were One-Jiggy and trouble! And in your your wisdom you saw it fit to bring those two words to the village!
This must be how you came across that information!
Kisigino ya konokono!
You should have waited a bit longer for more “udaku” from the mama mboga!


…this is the controversial trouble in question.


…He is charged of being in possession of illegal firearms; a ceska pistol, a glock 19, a shot gun, a semi-automatic self loading military assault rifle calibre…