Jimmy Wanjigi confronts suspicious people trailing him

A few days ago a villager said somebody famous may be killed before elections.
There was drama at a popular Nairobi shopping mall when about ten men in tinted four wheel drive vehicles stormed the premise with unknown motive.

This prompted fears and concern from businessman Jimmy Wanjigi who was present with his security informing him the occupants may have been out to abduct him. The cars drove to ABC Place Shopping Mall Sunday night and parked near Wanjigi’s car. When guards on duty asked them what their mission was, they refused to respond. Witnesses said two of the cars drove off, leaving one.

The guards took the cars’ photos. Few minutes later, Wanjigi walked to where the car was parked with the windows rolled up and in the company of his security demanded to know their mission. This again prompted the occupants to leave the place without uttering a word, a witness said. He told the guards that he feared the group may have wanted to harm or abduct him.

If wanjigi was wanted hangeenda mahali. Kubaafff


that is an intimidation tactic an overt one just to make him know he is being watched closely. They intentionally blew their cover


Or maybe wanjigi is just an attention seeker


mbisha ya ‘drove off’ ama uwache u @Voltron !


When a government Fears 1 man so much it beats sense whether the government is actually incharge


Ukweli, huwezi shidana na ndovu musalani


If that is true then those agents hired to finish him must go back to their espionage classes.

Hizo photos zikuje

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My reading is that he stage managed the confrontation to preempt something. Saa yake ya kuokotwa bado kidogo.


If they had all this time, they’d be video evidence. Where is it? or cctv?


Weeeee eti utakikane then unusurike hifi hifi? Huwes Na huwes…miti yoote huteleza that day.


That same man put them in power.

Re read Bjurmann’s comment. You don’t need to ask anything else.


rolling my eyes…

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ABC pia hakuna CCTV Kama ile tallying cenre bandia??? Na huyu Wanjigi nowadays anaenda supermarket in person? Very convenient


You can actually respond to an opinion that doesn’t marry with your own without showing a lack of home training. It’s possible.

Nah ! The Wanjigi’s and The Kenyatta’s are bossom buddies, from way back in the days. 007 anajua Uhuru has his back dispite all the mischief.
Sasa switch characters weka wafula hapo ama onyango , and see .

Admin should seriously think of actually throwing this guy out,(copied from kasighau) like a cat out of a hell hole, from threads involving people of adnological intelligence


Suck his gonads, maybe he’ll heed your call.
Tony Gachoka will tell you more about this. And he was censured from the media and had Jeff thrown in jail for letting known that well guarded secret.