Jimmy Wanderi ...... R.I.P

My condolences.RIP Mr Wanderi.ktalk is now our new home,admin unafaa uweke zile rangi za klist in the memory of wanderi.


So sad. May Jimmy RIP

@admin wa hapa anafaa ajitambulishe incase of the unknown.


R I P. May God grant u peace

R.I.P Mr. Wanderi and although it’s no more, thanks for KList.

sure @mayekeke… oops. it was past midnight guess i was tired and the news came as a shock. so sad.

wah! what !!! Rest in peace Jimmy , Klist really made them days back then , uromama kwega kuuraga salute comrade!

R.I .P. Admin Wanderi…u fought a good fight…u kept the promise n now u have finished the race…may ua soul rest in peace with angels beyond the blues.

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May your soul rest in peace Wanderi, we will live to miss klist village

waaaaahhhhh cant believe this. so sad we will never get back to the village again.
wanderi u were a legend.
fare thee well sir.
you brought many together.

RIP man.

rest in peace…Great man.
i joined klist in 2007 and never logged out.

Fcuk! What a loss! R.I.P Wanderi.

RIP wanderi,

21 gun salute fallen hero wanderi, RIP, through klist i learnt so many life real lessons, I drae fraed suppu, insulted Jakeino n had fun. till we meet.

Fallen hero. RIP Jimmy Wanderi. We will meet in the next life.

RIP Wanderi

Si watu waseme what happened?

R.I.P Wanderi

R.I.P man…