Jimmy Gait amechokoza nyuki


Huyu shoga inafaa achinjwe live pale Uhuru park. Ni makosa sana ku-shame victims wa violence while we all know how barbaric Arabs are.

Ameongea ukweli wanauza kuma huko Riyadh na Doha

Nonsense. Most women go as maids which means they are in close contact with their cruel bosses compared to men who go as security, drivers, construction etc. Even here, it’s the same. And they are also subjected to sexual harassment and even rape by these sadists.

such utterances by these fake ‘gospellers’ just expose their hypocrisy

There are many reasons why our girls are mistreated. Misbehaving is one of them.

Washenzi kama nyinyi hamnanga akili. You type the word “mistreatment” in the Google search bar and these are among the suggestions
“Mistreatment in saudi arabia” and “mistreatment of maids in saudi arabia” are among the top search terms. Saudi Arabia introduced a law to punish domestic violence for the first time in 2013. Yaani kama Saudi women ndio hupigwa, what of immigrants whose passports have been confiscated? This is not just a Kenyan problem. Even Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, and Filipino women go through the same ordeal.

Overworked, abused, hungry: Vietnamese domestic workers in Saudi | Human Rights | Al Jazeera

President Duterte at various times even ordered the suspension of Filipino migration to Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia due to this abuse. Huku bonobostan you blame these victims, their government/embassy also does nothing, despite the fact that they send billions of shillings home to prop up the economy. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia had to invite Duterte for talks when he started making noise about these abuses.
Duterte, Saudi Arabia crown prince discuss protection for OFWs

No wonder kila mtu hudharau bonobos if they so casually take sides with these evil Saudis.



Jimmy gayts songs always sounded like nursery school songs.

I used to wonder why Western countries like the US don’t allow mass importation of domestic workers from third world countries. It’s because they understand that power differential is so great, it creates slave-like conditions by default. Although people still employ nannies under the table, hiring those who are here expired visas. However you have to be careful, a peep of complaint from them to the authorities can land you in serious trouble. Arabs apana tambua human rights but they worship white skin that I know. A white girl in Saudi would never go thru what our ladies experience.

Mwana wa Mary a male Kenyan driver is still in custody 3 months later and no charges are being preferred. He helps our girls in Saudi to go to hospital and families to get back their loved ones body. I love this man sooo much. Inaniuma sana ati he hasn’t been working for 3 months coz Embassy of Kenya does not take kindly to his assisting our people there. Right now we’ll wishers are supporting his family. He has been detained before but never this long. Everyday I check to see if he is released. Please guys let’s pray for him. He is a good man with a heart of gold. Release Mwana.

Madam please talk what you know. Arabs hate whites even more than blacks.

Another ignoramus.

Arabs are cruel inhuman murderers