Jimmy Carter the father of modern Iran.

Ever wondered why that mzee called Jimmy Carter moves around the planet giving food and doing all manner of humanitarian activities?

It’s because he is the dumbest president in U.S history and he is simply doing everything he can to clear his name. Mind you Carter was a Democrat.

In one day this guy made a simple Muslim cleric to rule the U.S!

He practically placed the U.S into the hands of Ayatollah Khomeini.

He also lost Iran’s oil which the west had relied on for several decades and had even invested alot into it’s infrastructure. Carter almost single handedly brought the whole world to a complete halt.

The Ayatollah totally fooled this rural boy from Georgia. You see Carter thought he could trust the much older cleric. He believed in a world that doesn’t exist.

The Ayatollah was a much older and wiser man. Born in 1902, by 1977 he was 75 years old. He dreamt of leading his country but there was just no way he could pull it off. He was in exile in Iraq protected by the Iraqi Shias. He had tried to con the Americans into believing he could be trusted with Iran but no one listened to him until Carter came along.

Carter was the dumbass that listened. The CIA tried to hide letters from Ayatollah but Carter found a way to read them.

Carter wanted an end to corruption in Iran, he also desired democracy for Iranians so he very quietly engineered a coup on the Shah. Behind everyone’s back he was talking to the Ayatollah and making deals. He imagined the religious Ayatollah would be the future of Iran. And Khomeini told him everything he wanted to hear. "Yes I will protect U.S interests including oil… yes I will bring democracy, just stand down the army! "

You see the Iranian army was more or less U.S property under the Shah. In exchange for oil the U.S armed the Iranian army. After engineering the coup Carter had to move quickly to avoid the military generals taking over. The Ayatollah was quickly moved to Paris to prepare for his arrival home. He formed an Islamist council to prepare for the takeover.

The Shah was just told to leave quietly, the Democrats don’t like him any more. His time is up. And so he left his deputy in charge. The “Iranian revolution” was now in full swing triggered by events only the CIA can explain fully. :smiley:

Carter ordered the Iranian generals to stand down and welcome the new ruler. He was even carried in an American Chevy to prove who was really boss or so Carter thought…

Of course Khomeini had ideas of his own. He practically re-engineered his own coup and held America hostage. Americans went without Iranian oil, the economy nearly collapsed.

Jimmy Carter had just been fucked proper. Americans were now held hostage in Iran. They became Khomeini’s bargaining chips.

After the debacle Carter quietly left office into a life of obscurity as Khomeini became the world leader of terrorism.

He was now in charge of one the richest oil producing countries on earth… All the oil infrastructure that America had built was now his!!!

All the U.S weapons in Iran were now his. He was the happiest puppy on earth. And now he could arm anyone he ever wanted and deal with all his ancient enemies.

He was the first Islamist ruler of a super power. Many of you don’t know what that really means. It’s like Isis taking over Saudi Arabia including their lethal military.

Decades later another rural boy with Kenyan roots would be fooled by another Ayatollah into lifting sanctions. In that short duration of time Iran has made huge strides into building a nuke.

One day they might have their nuke, I do not know what will happen on that day.

bomb the capitol
All imperialist pigs die
A happy better world

Nimeona bayeye ndio ameamka wacha nikae chonjo as he approaches fully armed with the gifs he prepared last evening.

And what do you think will happen to you considering Kenya is a U.S ally and Kenya also jailed the two Quds mercenaries and of course Osama bombed the U.S embassy in Nairobi with an Iranian truck bomb that killed many innocent Kenyan citizens?

Niko Russia kwa msito Putin

You cannot rewrite history Patco. The Iran revolution was largely successful because of students demonstrating against the US and invasion of the US embassy. The rest is history.

I thought the success was down to the near universal hatred of the Shah and SAVAK. Everyone from the Kurds, to the Communists to the Islamists despised that man and his government and threw him out. Khomeini became a rallying point for all, and promised an all inclusive govt only for him to completely throw out anyone that wasn’t a radical Islamist.

I wouldn’t bother giving you any proof since I learnt along time ago that you are just a troll and you won’t read.

Iranian truck bomb. The Wahabi Sunnis and Shiites united in Al Qaeda? Kweli wewe Ni “A” student of history and geo politics. The Iranians had no part of August 7. They seek the ouster of the House of Saud. Its unlikely they would deal with them in this case. They bombed the Marines in Lebanon. But Kenya I beg to differ.

Kenya is actually a Chinese ally. Belt and Road African branch HQ is Nairobi. The AVIC sponsored towers at Chiromo is ground zero. Google AVIC and see how its related to the Chinese Govt. Jailing the Quds was just prudent. Self preservation. The issue is that they wanted to bomb Israeli assets in Kenya. Our Govt was not amused. But relations with Iran continue.


For once soma my version of events sio RT news ama Sputnik. The letters Khomeini wrote to Carter were declassified in 2016. :



Ukimaliza kusoma pelekea your fellow Russians at Ken.ya.nlist.net

Those arrogant Russians only read Sputnik, Pravda or Globalresearch.ca

Patty you live in your own world where everyone else is wrong and you’re right so what’s the point?

Will you take my beer/tea or not btw?

Aren’t you aware that Iran being an Islamist government it sponsors Islamist terrorism?

The truck bombs Osama used in Nairobi and Tz were from Iran via Hesbollah. When the U.S invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 majority of the Al qaeda thugs hiding in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan escaped to Iran where they are protected to this day.

So today give me your theory I am ready to listen.

Educate me. What happened in Iran? What are the facts?

Hakuna kitu Kama Islamist. That is a lazy blanket term invented by the West to justify all manner of mischief in the ME. Shiite and Sunni are really sworn enemies. In fact kwa ground they term each other as heretics. They are like Catholic and Protestant at the height of their religious wars a few centuries ago. At that point calling them Christians would have been disingenuous because each termed the other as heretic. So no. There was no Iran on Aug 7. The US also tried to spin this tthis in the lead up to war with Iraq. It failed. Again i urge you to read up on Shiite and Sunni. They are really very different. Very. And rather intolerant of each other. Also take the time to read up on US Iranian cooperation in Afghanistan. Iran helped US eliminate Al Qaeda by allowing movement of supplies to Afghanistan at the start of the war there. The Taliban were anathema to Tehran. Al Qaeda fled to Pakistan. Waziristan to be precise. And it is in Pakistan that they say they caught Osama right? Not Tehran. Iran seeks a Shiite hegemony. They cannot shelter the Sunnis. And as a btw do you know that the oil fields of Saudi Arabia are found in an area of the country populated by Shiites? Dig deep and the tinderbox that is the ME emerges. The fault lines are very many.

Even one of the mastermind’s of 1998 bomb blast has been hiding in Iran for close to two decades now :


And his boss the Egyptian genius who is the brains behind Al Qaeda terrorism has also been protected by Iran for decades. This guy Saif al Adel designed the Ras Kamboni training camp where the Al shabaab still conducts their training. He designed it the 90s when him and Bin laden were hiding there. He was the headmaster and is the seniormost commander in Al Qaeda. He was critical in planning the 1998 bomb attacks.



Both of these two above are members of Majlis al Shura the board of directors at Al qaeda. The top dogs.

It’s okay if you don’t believe anything I have said today or anything the west says but answer this one simple question : what was Hamza Bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s son doing in Iran?

The kid who was killed recently and was being groomed to replace his dad. What was he doing living in Iran and even holding his wedding there very peacefully?


Not interested. Your world is of your own creation, not reality, so I won’t bother.

I’m more interested in making friends with you.

Stop trolling. You are always against my views for reasons only known to yourself. Today I give you a chance to tell me your views on the Iranian revolution but you are scared.

What are you afraid of? Just air your views like everyone else and avoid personal attacks.

What do you think happened in 1979 in Iran? What are your views?

I don’t keep a record of my views against yours. I think I’d do a better job of that if we were friends. Where’s the personal attack?