Jimit wa mzansi


Ukiona baba yako kwa TV hivi halafu atokeleze kwa mlango na hio 55" utafanya nini?

eti @Jimit aka @deorro njoo hapa

I actually saw this clip and the first thought that crossed my mind is getting down to sataflika and copping a couple for like 50k for OLEDs


F is that

Awekelee juu ya roof


Polisi wako wapi huko?

You are either a troll ama mjinga wa mwisho.

Matusi ya nini kaka?

Sii matusi. By now you must have realised the police are overwhelmed.

Juu huna akili mbwa hii

This is what happens when the wage gap between the rich and the poor goes to the roof. Kenya is also at a tipping point, just one trigger na utaona kìhii @Jimit pale TRM akiomoka na double door Samsung fridge which he knows he will never afford in two lifetimes

The police in mzansi are paid peanuts, they have also joined the looting spree.

Kwani hio fridge how will he power it on and he has been using charcoal and paraffin all his life?

Finish him!

Pick your fights. Either castigate single mothers or focus on monitoring me. Oliktiga

What I typed is well documented in the London Journal of Renewable Energy. Several scholarly papers have been published with a special mention of your energy usage.

:D:D:D:D Put him in his right place