Jimi Wanjigi

Hehe how times change. The secretive powerful feared billionaire is being poked by almost everyone.Everyone is denying ever transacting business with him. No one is admitting to ever being funded by the billionaire. Before the end of elections, it will be interesting.


NASA wakishinda jamaa atarudi biz., lakini mahali wamefikishana na jubilee next 5 years ako inje akuwe mpole angoje 2022

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Wanjigi alikuwa kwa ile mix ya ministry of health scandal ile Muthamaki’s sister alipewa tender I checked the companies and ya wanjigi alikuwa amepewa tender ya more than half a billion the guy ana machungu juu ya sgr hakuonja even a single cent


Hata watu walisema Joho Ba Mdogo na mlishangalia kwa udi na uvumba mkisema he is finished lakini yeye ndiye anayekula 80%+1


my fren, if uncle calls you out in public inabidi ujiulize maswali ?

George Kegoro alishindwa kumtetea akaamua kudeflect ati ata jublee wako na yeye by digging up stories of old. For him and githongo and ndii who take the high moral ground on corruption yet now they are feeding from jimi’s dirty hands is an embarassment. Githongo almost died as he claimed and lost his job and went to exile for calling jimi a plunderer now he is bending over and doing the yoga for jimi


In politics there is no permanent divorce. Mhenga kym 2017

Where is that magazine we see what they do to Jimi in meetings

Buying out pages on the dailies and putting up banners along major highways to bring down someone who is said to be an invisible hand in politics! Amateurs everywhere. If the govt wanted to deal this Wanjigi character any blow, they would just stop carrying out business with him without shouting on roof tops. Wanjigi has no political constituency, neither is he looking for one currently. And most tenders he runs with the govt are still on. The way they are busy shouting just confirms that they cannot do away with him. Or they are amateurs :D:D:D. Hinjots.

Hapo mumepatikana wacha kuita watu amateurs Na kucheka cheka ya machungu. Your term is being used on you…MumeNASWO

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They stopped doing business with him and that is why dirty ol jimi picked up baba from the dumpsite spruced him up and called him joshua tialalalalala to try and get his snout back in. Ole wake hajui hajui ati rwnebp

Mbona tender za Wanjigi hapo Min of Interior hazikuwa mentioned? He has a number BTW. Ama kwasababu interior ni sensitive?

Tumepatikana as who? Maybe hata in the course of this discussion utaanza kuniambia nye nye nye!

The NaSA narrative is jubilee is corrupt and nasa safi but hapa kwa jimi nyote mnajikula ulimi. Kama kwa jubilee alipata katender kwa nasa anaeza pewa nini gutender? Accept it nasa is no option to jubilee. As githongo himself said you took a skunk called jimi home as a pet now deal with the oduor

Money is always welcome everywhere and money has no political sides. Jimmy has been and will remain relevant for a very long time.

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