Jilted Slay Queen

Humans love shortcuts…no pain, no gain.


You’re slow

Heri niweke hekaya hapa kwa kijiji, siezi andikia jinger kama wewe.

We don’t know you personally. No harm. Solutions might emerge.

You could say that again.

Someday soon

Sawa mheshimiwa

Leta hekaya priss

I promise to write about it when I’m finally out of her reach. I need stay alive till then.


Good stuff.

In this messy world of ours , shit happens … quite often …
I learned a long time ago …
Pick Yourself Up and Move On …
Because no one really gives a F
uck about your suffering…

So …
Learn Self-Love , Self-Appreciation …and most important of all , … Self-Preservation …

If some man or some Bi*tch somewhere does not appreciate you , …dump them and swiftly move on …

No come-backs …No Second Chances …!!


The thing that ends you has no end. Otherwise how can it end you if itself can be ended, probably by you?

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uongo. sema NIMETOMBA kadhaa na ulete hekaya ASAP.

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@Luther12 == @Mark Maish


Ni ule ngeofriend wako you used to mention in your stories from a while back?

Bitter truth. One must deal with their own issues because nobody else gives a rat’s ass about your suffering.

Brathe, umesahau tulikuwa class moja & same hostel (Twiga) pale high school for four years?

No multiple handles for me. Hekaya za chips funga ndio mob.

Yeah, first incident. You know the feeling, when you break up with your g.f thinking they are insane only to hook up with even crazier mungukiress?

Hehehehe hata wewe umeanza hii lugha ya Ktalk