Jilted France, angry Italy : divorce at the heart of EU

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On 3 August 1835, somewhere in the City of London, two of Europe’s most famous bankers came to an agreement with the chancellor of the exchequer.


Two years earlier, the British government had passed the Slavery Abolition Act, which outlawed slavery in most parts of the empire. Now it was taking out one of the largest loans in history, to finance the slave compensation package required by the 1833 act. Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother-in-law Moses Montefiore agreed to loan the Britishgovernment £15m, with the government adding an additional £5m later. The total sum represented 40% of the government’s yearly income in those days, equivalent to some £300bn today.



Sina ubaya, nilidhani you meant they come back immediately they finish their studies or skill acquisition.

We are poor because wazungu waliiba all the resources? Is why we are poor? Sijawahi sikia Chinese na Indians wakisema wanataka warudishiwe pesa na wazungu. Sijasikia.

You might expect this so-called “slave compensation” to have gone to the freed slaves to redress the injustices they suffered. Instead, the money went exclusively to the owners of slaves, who were being compensated for the loss of what had, until then, been considered their property. Not a single shilling of reparation, nor a single word of apology, has ever been granted by the British state to the people it enslaved, or their descendants.

yep,no doubt,tulisema hivi ile time ya Toro pia.Hata wewe unajua,no household will lay claim to a cockroach,“hii imetoka kwa neiba”,thats the retort…There’s no way a country would concede a defeat in economy,case in point,Zim. So yeah we leap and bound with money but thats just face value.Kenya imesota,the corrupt are getting richer while shafting the rest.Step right up kama uko na roho ya mwizi,thats the only way to survive the economy,coz it’s a ferkin jungle and here be monsters

siutangoja sana kijana,an apology from someone who i guess they probably get their arses wiped by slaves [SIZE=1]sorry[/SIZE],servants?

Hainihusu ndwele wala sikio

Yellow Vests protesters are still doing it in France. They started in 17th November, 2018.

Makosa ingine ilipita. Even Africans kept slaves. Israel watazushia Gen Abdel el Sisi ju pharaoh aliwafak?


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Unafaa kurudi kama umesetup biz. If you come to be an employee utaumia because the number one job requirement is unajua nani.

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