Jilted France, angry Italy : divorce at the heart of EU


28 Jan 2019 · Diplomatic ties between France and Italy are increasingly tense. Paris (AFP) -

With diplomatic ties between France and Italy increasingly tense, some observers have reached for marital metaphors to describe the breakdown in relations between two countries at the heart of the European Union.


No one wants those African migrants so now they fighting how stupid.

Give this time. Europe is not a land of plenty that these people imagine. Those days are gone and european economies are becoming fragile. Na wengine wanaexport mpaka na watoto wakidhani wazungu watafoot bills za kuwalelea. Shit is going to hit the fan soon tutaona real face of the white man. Niliona nyeusi ingine singomatha imeingia train bila ticket ati inadai iko na mimba kubwa na kitoto kingine hapo in tow. Alibebwa juu juu.

Itafika time utasikia club Kama ManU ama Ass-no wanauza players wao hapa kwa club kama Gor ama Soni Sugar…tusijidharau

I wish these Africans were coming to Europe for studies or to acquire skills that they can take back home to their countries of origin. Some of them have the wrong mentality that in Europe, life is all about fun and chilling. They don’t understand that it takes immense effort to build a developed economy. Kitaumana …

Warudi tulime home is the best

Mbona una advice watu wafanye kitu hukufanya

Kwani @Purple ako na deni yako :D:D:D

How now? I came here for higher studies and if all goes well, I’ll take everything I’ve learnt back home with me. In due time…:slight_smile:

Hautawahi rudi huku wewe umekwama kubali ukweli:p

she went to study akapata job huko, she didn’t sneak into the US illegally. hapo nitamtetea.

This is nothing but racism and you know it, why did Merkel accept almost 1 million Syrians and not Africans? Were they going to look for higher education?

Human dignity. Don’t fault those migrants for seeking a better future for themselves and their children. Totally empathetic to their lot. Our instincts are fully hinged on self preservation.

That being said. There is something really wrong with Sub-Saharan Africa that needs to be addressed. We elect leaders that keep screwing us over and over and keep reelecting them hoping to get different results. Meanwhile in between the election cycles, we whine and complain ad nauseum on how corrupt the leaders are and their level of incompetence and theft.

In Kenya as we speak, people like Moi should have been prosecuted the day he stepped out of office in 2002. How much of YOUR money did he steal that is stashed in Swiss Bank accounts and some other offshore countries? That, in and of itself, had it happened would have acted as a deterrent. Maybe Anglo leasing in Kiabki’s regime, NYS 1 & 2, Mafya House etc in Uhuru’s regime might not have happened had the repercussions been made clear by prosecuting Moi and his cronies and having jail terms for them. This is replicated in many countries save for maybe fSouth Africa, where former President Zuma is currently facing corruption charges and Botswana that has the semblance of a corrupt free government. The rest are a hopeless lot.

Do not expect Europeans and their governments to shoulder our burdens with their tax payer money when we tolerate and keep reelecting incompetent, thieving leaders.

aiiiiiiiii @Purple hata wewe unajua unatuenjoy,not in these here hinterlands you’ll be coming back to,nothing goes well here,fanya kazi tu huko murica,tengeneza pesa while you’re constructing your majestic humble abode here for where you will retire as a forebearer and little great grandkids running around you playfully over ‘summer holidays’ then they go back …[SIZE=1]see where i’m heading with this?[/SIZE]… cycle has to continue.kenya utasota sikucheat

From the way you talk, someone can think that you have experience in doing what you say. The other day you were advising graduates to build factories for medicines. :D:D

Nice observation

Ukitaka kuona racism sawasawa enda angalia hse help Arabia. Afadhali USA kuna uwezekano black pointee kua prezzo. Huku hakiamungu mzungu akisimama urais atawekwa chuma mkundu. Mahali pazuri ni kwenu.

France controls 85% of the national reserves of 14 African countries. They are all forced to pay colonial tax to France. The 14 countries are obliged to put 50% of their foreign exchange reserves at the Bank of France, and can only use 15% yearly, or pay to use their own money.

France’s economy would collapse without the West African countries who use the CFA franc. No wonder they were very keen on eliminating Gaddaffi because he was working on a Pan African currency.

Unatuangusha mtu wangu… Ati they cannot shoulder our burden with their tax payers money… and what are they doing with trillions of dollars collectively stolen from Africa and stashed in their banks and in assets… Kwani zetu si tax payers money… Wacha wazungu wabebe mzigo bana… They exploited our natural resources and slave labor to reach where they are… They owe us reparations.

Lakini mbona Kenyans hawananga msimamo? Si ni nyinyi tu husema ati Kenya is growing by leaps and bounds, ooh ati life is so good and comfortable even more than US. That even with an American green card kenya siwezi hama! I’m always being reminded that the US is 21 trillion dollars in debt it’s as if the country is on the verge of collapsing any day. Basically we are told in so many ways to come back home. Now that I wanna come back, mwasema nisirudi. So which is which?:smiley: As a potential returnee, please give us the most accurate picture of Kenya. Tukirudi home tunaweza sota? lol :smiley: