JIJI is where the scammers now play

I recently out of curiosity decided to sell an old camera on jiji.co.ke, after signing up and posting the ad, afew days went by and there was no action, then after a week, I started to get some calls from random guys asking if the camera is still available, I was excited wondering why I had ever doubted jiji. Litle did I know that was beginning of dealing with time wasters. I kept being asked “tuma picha zingine whatsapp tuongee…” and then after sending photos, being asked about last price, they agree and ask where we should meet. the first guy I asked to meet them in westlands since I work around there, he was no show and phone went unanswered, second guy after agreeing we meet at the mall, (his suggestion) was a no show. most other guys went quiet after saying I will be there around this and that time, anyways, one guy seemed promising asking questions about the camera, negotiating and seemed legit, was professional confirming meeting time on day of transaction and all, when the day arrived, I drove with a colleague to ABC place, this west african guy turns up with some lightskin, for sure it wasnt the same guy I had been talking to on the phone, this baboon had such a deep accent, but he seemed to know what was going on, so he says that he has been sent to collect the camera but can only pay using EFT, Bankers Cheque or RTGS! I told them to let me confirm with my colleague since that seemed suspicious. When i went to ask my colleague he told me not to even dare accept! that those are conmen. when I went back these guys had dissipated. I was lucky on this day, would have lost my Canon 5D mkIV just like that!!
Moral: Be carefull on that site whether buying or selling, this Nairobi will show you things.

Not related to your post, but one very effective method to verify a persons identity is to ask for their ATM card. I have used this trick to avoid being conned a few times. Anyone can get a fake ID or documents. But all those cannot be used to open a bank account. Let the bank do all the verification for you. Rely on their systems. I trust ATMs more than ID cards.

It’s not quite clear bro…ATM and verification?? More info please. And on the other hand won’t be comfortable giving a stranger my ATM details for whatever reason.

That was a close shave but you sound very naive. Welcome to the ceteh

Simple. Can you produce an ATM under someone else’s name in a moment’s notice?? No! Can you get an ATM under some else’s name?? No! It is an easy way of verifying that the person you are dealing with is who he/she claims to be. Ask for his ID card, and then verify the names by asking for his ATM card on the spot. 99% of conmen don’t anticipate this move, that someone will ask for their ATM card to verify the fake ID card. You are interested in the names on the card, not the numbers. So, he can cover the numbers if he wishes to.

Makosaa, si u meet place neutral Kama restaurant

:D:D:D:D ungeshaftiwa bila lube

Did they also con you of your punctuations?

Jiji is OLX rebranded

Wait! People actually show strangers their ATM cards? … the one which has mpaka your bank account hapo?

Which universe is this where identity theft isn’t a threat and how can we all move there?

NV kidogo akamuliwe DFHKM

I don’t mind if I am the one asking for the card. If someone is serious enough to deal, he/she will show me the names on the card and hide the numbers. It is as simple as that.


I agrree.kwanza hawa real estate agents.kuna mmoja had what I later found out were fake picture s of a house.akaitisha 3k kunizungusha kwa manyumba zingine but not showing me the house on the pic juu i wanted that one.then later he says if I decide to take one of the houses he’s shown me I have to pay him 70% of the first months rent.nilimwacha hapoo nikaenda tu.

When posting an item on jiji, you should make sure you post many good resolution pictures of the item. Second, scour the Internet for the specs of the item and include all these details in the description. Indicate all the information you have about the item, including whether it has ever been used to take nudes. Third, let the buyer come to you. Indicate a convenient location that will not cost you much time and/or money. Give as precise a description of the location as you can. Use google coordinate if you have to. Fourth, give a considerate price and indicate it as non-negotiable. That way, you won’t waste time haggling. Lastly, do not forget to answer to all inquiries in a timely manner. Your buyer will be buried somewhere inside those annoying inquiries.

ATM card is sensitive. Shouldnt be seen by strangers at all. The numbers on it can clean your account.

Never show desperation or eagerness when selling online, that’s how they decide you’re con-able. Mimi nikiuza kitu Jiji, I post 5 to 10 photos from different angles, so ukianza hio upus ya send more photos on whatsapp, I block you immediately. If you offer a stupidly low price, I block you. If you ask a question I’ve already addressed in the ad, I motherfucking block you. If you can’t come to my shop to pick the item, we won’t be doing business.


I think you are also a connable person,so if your friend was not around you would have proceeded with the biz.

RTGS… kwani that camera is worth a million bob? Dude