Wadau is this site or App reliable when it comes to buying a vehicle?
Ama kuna mtu atalijua jiji?
Asking for kijiji ya wazee…

Other cheap things you can risk … but kwa gari don’t dare!

Ingia BMW centre mdau, wachana na mtumba

Motokubwa ndio turdmean huko

A Conman’s den

I’ve owned two vehicles over time. Both sourced from there.
you don’t buy from the website, you buy from the owners. So do your due diligence, see the vehicle, do a test drive, validate ownership and if you’re happy, buy.
Preferrably, buy from the actual owner on the logbook as opposed to buying via broker.

i also bought a car from jiji. Met the seller na by jioni nilikua maraundi.

It is reliable, just use common sense whenever transacting. Nothing new under the sun.

Washa nipelekee wazee maoni kabla waoshe dentures na wabadilishwe pampers ndio walale

Ati Bavarian:D:D:D

Nimewahi buy gari hapo with no problem whatsoever…ask yourself, ukitaka kuuza gari yako ni wapi most likely utapost after Facebook

Ona sasa na ujue wewe si mkora

Lots of people like you are out to sell their car and do so on jiji

It depends what make of a car you want and location.
Avoid outside Nairobi conmen waiting for you

Jiji sio mbaya due diligence ndio muhimu

Is the only place you can buy a good vehicle from an individual. Otherwise utatembea

…mtapeli anakuambia umtumie pesa eti ameshikwa Kwa njia akikuletea gari juu ya kukanyanga mbuzi za wenyewe, mara umtumie pesa ya mafuta, na lunch eti juu anakuletea gari all the way from bomet to Nairobi…:smiley:

I bought my last car from there. Just do due diligence. I made sure the names on the logbook matched with the ID of the seller.

Yule nugu alikua anafinya mapua aongee Kama mzungu nilipigiwa na mmoja

If you’re a neophyte and can’t detect cons from miles away, just steer clear.

Vile Bingwa Makende amesema

Mbona usiende Jamhuri park on Sundays ujionee and talk to owner before making a choice