Jews introduce a bill to ban Christianity in Israel

Jews introduce a bill to ban Christianity in Israel

That’s totally fine and biblical. Infact there’s been too many well-meaning but misguided Christians earnestly proselytizing all over Israel, and I figure the Jews got totally fed up. The Jews are spiritually blinded from Christianity by God, therefore even though it’s always good to preach the Gospel, these efforts will bear no fruit. Right now we are living in the Gentile Dispensation which means that it is the opportune time for the nations to get saved, until as the Bible says, “the fullness of the Gentiles has come in” Romans 11:25. After that, God is going to turn His face back to the Jews. Muslims will look at this piece of news and assume that there’s a growing wedge between Christians and Jews, but we must not buy into the false narrative. God has a plan.

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could have not been put any better

am not anti christianity :smiley: starting from 0:57 mark

jesus is the answer

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