Jews and Blacks, chanda na pete

It just occurred to me after keenly meditating on some tweets that Jews and Blacks have always been together in the struggle against White supremacy because in actuality, we share a common ancestor who is Father Abraham; we are the original Israelites. The white Jews (Ashkenazis) are descendants from the tribe of Judah and Benjamin while Blacks are the progeny of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Judah and Benjamin-ites have the remarkable ability of assimilating to whatever environment they find themselves. For instance you will find Russian Jews, Spanish Jews, British Jews and the like. They are ‘our’ attack arm against WS because of this unique ability to embed themselves and sabotage the fallen spawn (Neanderthals) without detection. All I can say is, the ‘karma’ that is soon coming to the whites for their centuries of crimes against Black Jews will be EPIC! Thank you George Soros, the ADL and AIPAC. :israel:

Historically they have been collaborating together like literal Brothers, one people. When will Africans finally come to the realization about their true origins? WE ARE ISRAELITES!

After fleeing Nazi Germany in 1937, Joachim Prinz, a rabbi, tackled injustice in America. He became the first rabbi to reach out to Martin Luther King Jr. and later spoke during the 1963 March on Washington, saying, “As Americans, we share the profound concern of millions of people about the shame and disgrace of inequality and injustice.”

For Jews, much of the impetus to align with African Americans came after the domestic terrorism perpetrated against Jewish buildings and institutions during the late 1950s, including The Temple in Atlanta and Temple Beth El in Birmingham, Alabama, both in 1958. This has a disturbing correlation today, Butler said, showing information from the Anti-Defamation League documenting the doubling of incidents of vandalism, harassment, and assault during the last five years.

Martin Luther King addressed the American Jewish Congress in 1958 because it represented “one of the few organizations holding a convention in the South and wanted to bring the issue of integration forward.” During his speech, King said that “every Negro leader is aware that segregationist makes no fine distinction between Negroes and Jews.” The segregationists’ aim is to “use scapegoats to facilitate their political and social rule over all people,” he said. “Our common fight is against these deadly enemies of democracy, and our glory is that when we are chosen to prove that courage is a characteristic of oppressed people, however cynically and brutally they are denied full equality and freedom.”

It was the Jewish Freedom Riders who rode interstate buses into the South in the summer of 1961 to protest segregated public transportation are an example of this common fight, Butler said, using historic images to showcase the names and faces of regular citizens along with renowned leaders.

All this was done without firing a single shot!

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Donald Trump Lol GIF by Election 2020

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When Yehshuah was born and jungus wanted to murder him, his parents fled to Egypt in Africa. We are one with the Jews. Arabs and satanic jungus have always persecuted the black man but Jews have never done it.

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Yessir. Am Y’Israel Chai.
One thing I love about our bros Judah and Benjamin is their firm understanding of the assignment. They get it.
Do you see the fury they :israel: have unleashed on Gaza? It’s the same exact emotion against (white supremacy) WS, but with the latter they went long. How do you destroy your enemy without them even perceiving it? Open borders, weaponizing DEI/BLM, economic warfare by working with the Chinese to destroy the manufacturing base in the West, the fake Green Energy scam that will kill the Western world with carbon credits and all that jazz, it’s a racket! The endless military spending bankrupting America/NATO’s blood and treasure; poisoning the skies with chem trails, selling poisoned GMO foods and water. This is the pure :israel: wrath on WS for the injustice they have meted out on the royal seed of Abraham for centuries. Why does George Soros and other members of the Elders of the Protocols of Zion do these things to the West?? One word: RAGE.

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Let’s import millions more to teach Whitey a lesson:sweat_smile: that’s exactly right.