Jevanjee Gardens aka shithole

This place is damn filthy…wonder what the County leadership…is doing…This country has gone to the dogs

Enda city Square uone watoi wakicheza peasant.

Nairobi is shithole county

Honestly i think only a revolution will bring sanity to this country

Damb the BBI nonesense

Believe me in 10yrs time if nothing changes there shall be a major city around East Africa, and it shall never be Nai

Well, you elected a chokoraa. Thats what happens when you elect a chokora

Machakos town is very clean. Anybody who has never been should visit it. I was really impressed.
But as far as expansion sidhani it can expand. Maybe Konza City

That place was just recently upgraded using 10m+.

@patco with your jaruo friend , ambia odhis atoe maoni

Ile video ya pastor akimulika sinners jeevanjee iletwe

I was in Nairobi a few months ago, and what i witnessed was a city sliding back to what it was in the final months/years of the Moi error.

But will it be maintained when he leaves? The holder of the vision only supports it and knows where to drive it

I think it will. You know why? People there seem to value cleanliness, beauty and orderliness. Even the homesteads have aesthetic appeal.