Jet Li GSD Official Trailer 功守道官方預告片

When he isn’t counting stacks, he dons Tai Chi wear and randomly kicks ass in all directions.

Jet Li, guy who introduced me to movies, no offense meant but hii trailer tulivheki kwa page yake pale MKZ a month or two ago

MKZ ni wapi?

wewe ni VE?

Jet li is my all best ever martial artist actor , niko na movie zake zote in my hard disk i can watch them any day .

What an irony na usiku unapigwa na wife vita haiishi juu hufikishi threshold

I didn’t know billionaire Jack Ma also acts.

I don’t live here, dude.

Donnie Yen is better. More entertaining to watch.

That will be interesting to see:D

Yuko kwa hio trailer. It seems he is the one who funded the film.

Jack ma si nimemuona kwa movie mob kwanza za thai martial arts aki act na mandovu , sikujua ni mdosi .