Jesus's message to mankind

Wewe ni Atheismo?

Admin tafadhali piga huyu mtu kalamu, na pia ochithunder and all others who mock God openly. “Suffer not a witch to live…”

Freedom of speech negro

(ir)religious intolerance…

Inakuuma sio?

I liked that brother, but I am my own man.


Kama your mungu is so powerful why must admean do his bidding?

hii nikama ile ya primo… daddy unaeza piga daddy yako!

Allah, God, Yahweh (sp) and all other revered supreme beings all over the world and in each and every society should be respected by all believers.

I don’t believe that during the judgement day we are going to have different judgement days for every religion or separate heavens and hell(s) as per your religion - I am a christian I don’t know if others believe in the existence of hell or heaven but I respect their opinions.

As you can see here we consider ourselves worshippers of God. A courteous person would not be daily provoking others just to cause us grief. Why don’t you post your beliefs instead of caricaturing ours on a daily basis? Is it that you have no belief system? Or better still, respectfully retreat to the other website where you had gone. We were really enjoying our peace @Atheismo. Thank you

Even if you dont beleive in God just appreciate that the world is more orderly because of religions. Just ignore the extremists and look at the bigger picture.