Jesus never died on the cross.

The series of events as read from some 1800 year old scripts, written decades or centuries after the fact, reveal what is obviously a cover up.
Quite honestly, Jesus’ behaviour in palestine at the time warranted arrest and death on sight. he was leading a rebellion against the established religion with his funny ideas that he is god himself. imagine someone moving about a fundamentalist religious country claiming to be everything including God? and then failing to pay homage to caesar himself, leading a rebellion against the coloniser? What did he expect?
On crucifixion his people took him down and he ran away when energy came back, probably to india. no way a carpenter flies to heaven with only suspicious witnesses present. No way you move about such a religious country calling yourself god. the guy was taking advantage of the lack of medicine at the time to claim that ministry of health should be filled with “miracle” workers.
How people believe such stories from a stupidly superstitious and ignorant people from ancient palestine is beyond my comprehension.

are you an atheist?

Jesus ‘killed’ for political reasons. Crucification was common at the time. He might have survived the crucification and ran away from Palestine

His mother Mary was rapped by a Roman soldier. Alidinywa vibaya sana, dry fry, oh yes, then Joseph akaekelewa. Wish I was there, I easy have been Jesus’s father

Hehehe… this is a new one.

There is some literature to support this claim. Available on Amazon

isnt this commons sense?;list=PL1-LuK7JGOxIaGH3cg1679IOCCa5nJHIZ;t=0

COMMONS SENSE is quite rare in atheists

You need faith to be an atheist not the so claimed scientific reasoning. The reason they speak ill of xstianity and throw insults

Actually atheism is a belief system. Some atheists are spiritual but not religious. Again, atheims is not compatible with science. Why? Because atheists completely reject the organised religion. They have already called concluded but science does not work that way. It is always open to knew information unlike atheists

religion is incompatible with science. Hakuna wajinga hapa.

I’ll be real with you, I have no idea how authentic Abrahamic religions are but what I do know is that Jesus was a cool mofo.
I like what he represented and how he carried himself.

Of course it is not. Never

wueh!!! things just escalated fast up in here:D:D:D:D:D