Jesus Asschrist! What is This Now?

Niko na mild arthritis na pre-diabetes.

I have a pace-maker too.

Kuamcha ni chida.

Tena, siku hizi nalala nikiwa sawa, asubuhi naamka with funny pains all over.

Sasa, and most humiliatingly, I suspect - with a high index of probability - that I am developing haemorrhoids.

Sasa hii ni maisha gani tena, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!

Old age is a bitter bitch, aki!

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My uncle had rheumenoid arthritis…ilikuwa inamsumbua sana until i sent him madawa zingine kutoka ujeru. His now fine. Ongea vizuri

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kuka b4 ukufe chukua hio ukule



Tupitie pale kwa jumabekavu huyu old fart asione Mashujaa day

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Pole Guka…these things come with the territory.
You’re now in that territory and just like a terminal disease…there’s zilch you can do about it. Just learn to accommodate and manage whatever comes your way and life will be at least bearable.

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You cant have sex without cialis…you cant wank coz of arthritis …you cant safisha macho because your pace maker will explode…you cant take a shit without your ass erupting…just walk out into the middle of laikipia and Be a poacher. At least that way, @pamba can shoot an animal


This is demanding too much of mzee Couch,let him suffer in silence.:D:D:D


At less than 35yrs, you claim to be 64! Your occupation is actually being an older person than you are, and you seem to suffer from it. Occupational hazards sir! Die without making so much noise.

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You know couch me sijui anyone hapa. Just coz one day I may hate all of your ridiculous posts/comments full of ego that is 10x worse than Trump’s, don’t mean that I may not like other posts/comments from you.
You may be that so called intelligent but aki una ufala ingine haina usaidizi sometimes.
Now onto your post, don’t u think life is unfair given that you don’t take sugar and are pre-diabetic? Karma kweli atsi!

Muende , naomba nikukamue kwa mkia .


Hizo madawa zinaitwa aje? I know someone who is suffering for real from arthritis and they might help him.

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Ibuhexal 800mg

Note; Not the 400mg one but 800mg. 3 tablets a day.

Also Ibuflam and Ibubeta work good but hio hexal ndio baba yao


…have you tried juice therapy?

…this is very powerful, you hit the good old couch below the mbelt

thats a stronger Ibuprofen right a NSAID, which may exacerbate his cardiovascular condition…
[SIZE=2](regular brufen is 200mg and 400mg)[/SIZE]


yaani brufen tablets ndio unasema mtu aongee vizuri ndio umwambie.


eeeeh he should try ACVs—Apple Cider Vinegar


mbirrionea kenyans in the diaspora things:D:D

forgive my ignorance bt can one get Ibuhexal in Kenya? swali tuu

bado skia may be @Luther12 ako nazo kwa clinic yake…

Wasichana wote kenya(well almost) wanajua brufen coz of period pain. Hii maneno ya Ibuhexal, ibuprofen are trade names depending on who is making it. For example paracetamol by Gsk is panadol, by dawa pharmaceuticals is Mara moja etc