Jerry rigs everything better than Marcus Brownlee ??

this curfew imebidi tupige kambi kwa youtube and i happened to come across a very interesting channel called “Jerry rigs eveything”.
The guy even came to kenya last year and build schools here; very philanthropic of him.
What he does is basically this guy buys electronics like phones, ipads, iphones, laptops, tvs and opens up its internals for his audience to see.
i havent seen any other channel doing it the way he does; even MKBHD brownlee always calls him out in his channel. you will like this guy;
a sample of his video;




video where he came to kenya with his wife and build a school

What is in it for you after fellows watch these videos? Clearly this is marketing.

You’ve b33n living under rocks. Scroll back to even 2015 in this section you’ll find discussions pertaining him.

Huyo msee ile mulla anatengeneza ni mob sana

I buy most of my phones after watching him go ham on them. But clearly though,hujaiona vid zake,i would suggest to do so,over wifi that is. You sound like you like to complain alot btw,quit that negativity

ok the same philanthropists on
depopulation agenda maybe I should build schools in USA

bonobos kama @Roysambuh are responsible for africa’s poverty and govt laxity , uko na serikali mzima with an excess officials na unasherekea coz a youtuber travelled 10000 miles akuje kukujengea shule kwenyu … saizo your govt officials wanaendeshwa na new model Lexus and benzes…
tuache hii mentality tafadhali

so anafaa alie ama ajinyonge or to whine like a lil bitch because a foreigner came to his country to build a school?

You sound as if you were also in on the sales deal. As if you are telling me to eff off for spoiling your marketing of this youtuber.

Actually all you needed to say is : we are marketing these videos and if you guys watch them, the owner will pay us some affiliate cash in our paypal accounts and we can then pay our rents. Hivyo tu nitaelewa. No need to be harsh.

Roysambuh hana ubaya, ni hustler. Lazima asifu huyo jamaa juu labda ukiwatch hizo video ana promote atapatiwa commission, is what I think. Maybe ni yeye mwenye hii site so bear with him. you never know

Hii tabia ya kusaidiwa saidiwa inaafanya waafrika wakae sub-human bonobos wenye hawawezi kujismamia on our own…it should shame us that youtubers are biulding schools for us…

i suspect ya kwamba you think watu wanaangalianga hizo video kama series.
No. what people do, ni unawatch when you want to buy a new phone.

Then id be getting a bazillion in kickbacks from all consumer product videos i watch. And no i do not live in rented houses so yeah fukc off even further than what you assumed. I dont go over internet to make money

Your admission changes nothing. I noticed you’ve been on this website for almost 5 years now. That means you could be anyone really.

(And it’s peculiar how you joined on the very last day of 2015. Hio ni kali)

Aaah so you been stalking me i see. To what do i owe the displeasure of your faggoty moves? Im not anyone ,kama wewe,sina group of handles,ask around,been there since klist,you were still in diapers at that time. Always Tom Bayeye na sio ile jamaa ya FB,emulated never duplicated

Unakaa huyo alienda [SIZE=1]Hospital hill high school.[/SIZE]


Ooookaaaayy then. Im officially lost but …yeah.

Mkbhd ni wa wale viewers who know nothing about tech. I wouldn’t waste a minute a minute watching him

You are simply a hater!!! Or maybe i know nothing about tech!