Jeremy Nyamu's Incredible 'almost-lynched' Story

Oh post trauma?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Fellows who’ve been through a traumatic experience want to move as far away and as soonest as possible from anything that reminds them of that experience. Often, the whole experience is bad enough to warrant psychiatric care. I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to pursue the matter further.


acha nivute fegi nakam

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Pole kwake

Aren’t you too young to start spoiling your lungs?

Washana na hizo vitu priss!

Already addicted

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You can kick the habit. But you must want to do so badly enough.


Truth be told he was lucky alikuwa Ruiru. If twas Kibera or Kawangware huyo angekuwa jivu. I don’t know why bt Luos,Luhyas,Kisiis wakiskia mwizi ni mob justice haraka upesi bila maswali mob. Hata hautaskia kerosene ikitumaniwa…utastukia ilishafika and boooom yr set ablaze

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any good rehab centers you know of?

Wah! Senseless doesn’t tell half the story.

Shit! They did that to the wrong person!

Some should stick a stick in @gashwin and @Mathaais cunts

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And why would you want anyone to do that to me? Taking digs at you for thinking you are Tanzanian can’t be reason enough.

For nicotine? Not at the moment but it’s managed as an outpatient. Next time you’re at your doctor’s, ask him or her I’m sure they can give you some referrals.

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Pole kwa Jeremy, and he can write

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All this revolves around one theme- poverty.
Hakuna kitu naogopa kama umaskini.


Hapo mwisho he says the cops took him straight to the police station and he even spent the night there, I really hope alisahau kusema they took him straight to a hospital because a thorough beating could lead to internal bleeding and serious injuries which should be addressed as soon as possible.

Good for him his gods were looking out for him

Kwani ulianza kuvuta lini

There is no problem with mob justice if it involves some chaps caught breaking into anothers house at 2.00AM and they are all dressed in jackets, proof of their preparedness, are carrying a TV and can be positively identified by the terrified victim.

tene, straight from high school