Jensen Huang the real OG πŸ‘‘

Humility and never giving up!

Thats the spirit. :star_struck::star_struck:


You’re either stupid or naive if you believe in - i started with one chicken story.

Ata Peter Munga started Equite Bank with kshs 5,000/- taslim, alikua anawekea mabeste pesa kwa matress account.

The higher they succeed, the more humble they make their beginnings.


Low IQ people don’t read that why they comment stupid

All these birrionea rags to riches stories are almost exclusively jaba. Mtu ana akili timam atajiuliza hii dishwasher ilitoa wapi pesa ya kupanda ndege kwenda Stanford . Once I make it pia me nitasema vile the only form of meat we had was kumbekumbe during the rainy season