Jela saa ngapi! Wafungwe na nani?

Hawawezi fungwa. They will just claim funny funny diseases sijui they are on their death beds like Pattni claimed before them. Watasema wakifungwa ni death sentence. They are too delicate for prison. Hata Deya aliwachiliwa juzi. Afungwe na nani? Kenyan prisons are for paupers

And in other news here I was thinking, 'wow these njaruos sure have some yummy MILFs ’ lakini kumbe ni Okuyu tu! Full names : Lillian Wanja Muthoni Mbogo Omollo.

Luos and Okuyu women, just can’t help themselves.

[SIZE=6]Ex-Town Clerk Gakuo pleads to be freed on bond[/SIZE] Nairobi Town Clerk John Gakuo (left) and former Local Government Permanent Secretary Sammy Kirui at a Nairobi court on May 15, 2018, where they were sentenced to jail for abuse of office. PHOTO | PAUL WAWERU[B]By SAM KIPLAGAT[/B]
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[li]John Gakuo and Sammy Kirui were sentenced to three years in jail each and fined Sh1 million for abuse of office.[/li][li]Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti ruled that Mr Gakuo and Kirui were in a position to cancel the tender but they failed.[/li][/ul]
Former Nairobi Town Clerk John Gakuo has pleaded with the High Court to free him on bond, pending an appeal he has filed against a three-year sentence imposed on him 10 days ago for abuse of office.
Urging the court to consider his age and ill-health, Mr Gakuo pleaded to be freed on bond.
He said if freed, he will abide by all conditions of the court.
Further, Mr Gakuo said he is not a flight risk and that his appeal is highly likely to succeed. He said he is above 60 years and suffers from several ailments.
In the court papers, Mr Gakuo said the case forced him in and out of hospital from time to time and has been “suffering intermittently from high blood pressure, hypertension and chest problems”.
He said he has no previous conviction, does not pose any threat to the community or anyone who testified against him.
[li]The rise and fall of John Gakuo[/li][li]Mudavadi did not benefit from cemetery land deal, court told[/li][li]Sh173m cemetery cash ‘was stolen’[/li][/ul]
Mr Gakuo was jailed alongside former Local Government Permanent Secretary Sammy Kirui for abuse of office in connection with the purchase of cemetery land valued at Sh283 million.

The two were sentenced to three years in jail each and fined Sh1 million, for abuse of office and failure to comply with procurement rules.
They were jailed alongside former Nairobi City Council Legal Secretary Mary Ng’ethe and chairman of the Tender Committee Alexander Musee.
Ms Ng’ethe was sentenced to three years in jail and fined Sh52 million, failing which she will serve an additional one year.
Mr Musee was sentenced to three years and a fine of Sh32 million or serve one year in jail, in default.
The two were found guilty of giving a misleading report purporting that the committee had agreed to buy the controversial 120-acre plot in Mavoko town.
The court said the two failed to stop payment of over Sh283 million to Naen Rech Ltd for the irregular purchase.
Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti ruled that Mr Gakuo and Kirui were in a position to cancel the tender but they failed.

Deya is out on cash bail which is his constitutional right ama namna gani Patrick?

And in S.A. which our ‘diligent’ media likes to quote as a bastion of excellence and an example of the fight against corruption, Schabir Shaik who had dealings with Zuma did just about two years of a 15 years jail sentence alafu akasema he is dying, awachiliwe please. Ati he is terminally ill akakufie nyumbani. Kuwachiliwa hivi, the guy has never returned to jail hadi he attends sports events and even wanted to beat up a journalist recently for being asked annoying questions about his health. For over 8 years he has been terminally ill, too ill to go back to prison. Over 8 years na mjamaa hakufi. And the two years he spent in jail were actually two years in very very fancy hospital rooms. THIS IS AFRICA!!!

Sasa ati Zuma afungwe na nani???

You should talk Mr. Kenyan police officer. Mtu kama Deya sasa huwa anatoa milioni ngapi ndio story iishe? Unajua nyinyi ndio go between na wakubwa so labda unajua… And I imagine the trail of stretched out hands must have been very long going all the way to the highest offices in the land. British pounds zimejaa select bank accounts.

And I’m sure atarudia tu huto tutabia twa kuiba watoto tena. Now that Kibaki is gone and it’s a free for all nowadays. Atarudi U.K. ndege imejaa orphanage mzima. Welcome to the new Kenya.

Tajiri hafungwi especially kama ni mwizi. Hawa watu ndio they are compulsive thieves hawatawahi acha kuiba pesa za masikini. Baba na babu zao walikuwa wezi. Na hizo pesa hazirudi, hata kama ziliibwa. Patni na goldenberg kuna pesa ilirudishwa? Siwalizungusha watu hapa na pale; bleeding stomach ulcer upuzi, halafu? When the top people in government are the culprits inakuwa show tu.

Underlying factor.
We are screwed in Africa.

na gichuru na okemo bado wako nje free as birds despite overwhelming proof of corruption.