Jeffrey Epstien new list revealed

CIA’s chief William Burns,
Joshua Ramo, board member of $FDX and $SBUX -
Noam Chomsky many times -
Kathryn Ruemmler, White House counsel

He was also funded by a Rothschild family member

Wueh, hadi Noam Chomsky? Ama kuna wenye walimeet na yeye na haikuwa story ya crime

these are people he had secret meetings with in his private calendar

:D:Dwalinyonga eppstein

Noam Chomsky is a big fraud. Long live Israel and Mossad.

Some people are above the law even in the U.S. Hakuna country anywhere on earth where there is nobody above the law. Hii story ya Epstein itazimwa tuu with time. Difference ya U.S. na huku is that the threshold for corruption is extremely high design you need both cash and strong political connections.

William Burns met him in 2014, 6 years after his crimes were public knowledge, na anataka kusema hakujua Epstein was a pedo-pimp.

those “big” people are governed by unwritten laws, more strict than those governing ordinary people.

Fuck you…free Palestine

Inasemekana huko walikuwa wanaendea Adrenochrome na orgies with underages

Why do you support a non-existent country? I can list my reasons here if you wish so.