Jeff Mwangemi et al

Kitambo radio and tv was the shit (especially radio) not like these days with the umeffi discussions and shows. Reminiscing some presenters for the millenials;

Jeff mwangemi - I used to skive afte lessons ndio niskize reggae time
Hamisi Themo - when cracking a smile during news was a crime. Ati these days people have small talk during news…NGAI!
John Karani -He actually used to dictate lyrics for us and we used to write them down or record them kwa cassette as a mwakenya for later use.
Nzau Kalulu - all his songs during sundowner zilikua za kudedicate in our letters(missives).
Football commentators on KBC- these days i laugh and spit out the nonsense when i hear some characters commentating football. Ali salim manga and uncle JOS were the shit them days.
Halafu we used to have birthday dedications on KBC on sundays (for kids not grown ups kama siku hizi).

MAKE RADIO GREAT AGAIN by having less talk and more music and news every top of the hour…hapo tu ndio nitanunua radio(ama siku hizi inaitwa aje)

Reggae time was thursday mornings, hii yako ya aftey ni gani?

Jack oyoo silvester, mambo bad.

Kitimba kii tune in to sundowner in the KBC English service.

Your name notwithstanding, you are a fellow fossil. The last of a generation to enjoy quality TV and radio

We lived when radio was radio and not umeffi. I pity the kids of these days coz they will only grow up listening to shit.

Those were the days…who is still alive on that list?

Memory lapse due to gout.

I might buy a radio if bado iko…I hope it still plays the oldies. Who presents it?

vc, reggae time was Mondays 3pm repeat Thursday mornings tuko pamoja

Dont mind the name…its in memory of a late friend who had made me believe that Kitimba was a word of endearment…I was the laughing stock for a few weeks.

Hi! Siku hizi hata wanakatiana nakuongea dirty on air!

Cateleen Ndonye, and Jeff mungai.

The future is here old man!

Jeff Mwangemi the crucial man… Waaah down memory lane. Yours For The Asking Wednesday night

metro FM na ma slow jams, go rent a pond na ma hip hop zake, Phill Mathews pale capiro , tony msalame na sheki leggi weekends.

I had absolutely forgotten about Yours for the Asking.

Kijana kuna kitu inaitwa ‘dumbing down the society’ and the meffi media is in it too…so dont be complicit. Na hiyo ndio tafakari ya babu kwa leo.

Ama kuskiza BBC radio, you had to point the aerial at a certain precise angle, facing a specific cardinal point!

Reggae time with Jeff Mwangemi on Thursday morning was pure gold. I still hear him on KBC when am shuffling stations and he is a shadow of his former self

Kulikuwa pia na Erick Ndeche, with his show in 90’s. KBC Swahili. I dont know where he went. Elizabeth Omolo KBC english service,

Ukumbi wa kiislamu,

“Na neno litaendelea”,

Nyimbo za sifa etc.

It was awesome those golden years.