Jeff and Lanye

Jeff went to a club .He was drinking then a prostitute caught his eye he signaled her to come he bought her a beer .He had made an arrangement with the waiter to watch his drink should he leave it unattended by texting to him. So Jeff left for the gents as he was there he received a WhatsApp text that she had slipped something in his drink. Jeff went back and ordered another drink ,he then negotiated to go have sex with the woman in a hotel.
The two left for the parking lot and he started going towards the hotel. Along the way Jeff plays a trick he switches off vehicle and says it has a problem .He asks the girl to get out and give a push she agrees. She pushes vehicle slightly Jeff turns it on and speeds off .Inside her bag he finds 200 tablets of stupefying tablets. Did he do something wrong?

Jeff is stupid ,he should have told the bitch to drink his beer since she was the keeper and if she refuses, calls club bouncers and police for investigation and she pays him damages.
Meanwhile Jeff = @sperminator ,rudishia maraya handbag ghaseer.

Crazy Monday stories

200 tabs kwani alikuwa anauza wholesale.

ukienda unknown bars or brothels kunywa tusker maliza chupa ndio uende kukojoa. dont use glasses kunywa straight from the bottle

Alipata busar, ni yeye alikua na stock ya weekend:D:D:D:D:D

Can still happen, remember she needs one second of you losing attention

Yes he did wrong, he should have punched her lights out.

Mwizi ni mwizi

Jeff is a bottom of the barrel beta male hata heri wale masimp wanatumanga fare kuliko buying hookers drinks na bado utalipia.

Hehehe. Ndiyo ilikuwa style yangu huko Amar. Nakaa katikati ya makunguru nikinyonya Tusker yangu tukipiga story alafu nikimaliza naenda urinal