Jecinta Finally Gone

Servers purged. Bye bye Jecinta Adhiambo!! :cool:

what took her out, infection from some deadly fish infection, ama ?

unamanicha nini mkumbwa

No, an embarrassed kanjo did it, quietly, but months too late.:stuck_out_tongue:

That was a solo effort won on your part.
You were relentless about it.

How do u call yourself a grown up yet you cannot follow the sequential intro-body-conc

Leta info yote mzae.

Yesterday they yanked a pretty innocent thread intended for a mature and discerning audience. It was necessary to expose the hypocrisy and double standards, even though it cost me a few posts.

Sasa hata sipewi alerts waking’oa…

For months, there were video clips uploaded into the Ktalk servers of a vile woman (Jecinta Adhiambo) who does anything for money. The links were directly accessible and had no spoilers or warnings.

Our kanjo likes to hide behind ‘if you do not report, we do not know’ but is very quick to zap much less offensive threads without explanation, while leaving the really smutty stuff undisturbed. Sijui kama ni traffic na referrals zinafanya.

Anyway, someone finally did the needful under the cover of darkness.

(Edit) Bado there are a few stubborn stains to go!

munaongelea nini hapa?

Tunaongelea hii (the kanjo is extremely slow… :D) :

May 15, 2018: Jonah And The Whale

:eek::eek:jesus christ ata singeuliza

Yeah,congrats @Nattydread Ama kulikuwa na sababu nyingine other than righteous morality?

Kwani hii ni ChrchTalk… Nyinyi maumbwa hujifanya holier than though. Go join a gospel forum and kleave us to be and enjoy what we want.

Most of these :"holy"fckers hata hawakuwa era za wanderi (May his soul RIP) they now show up in this forum like moral police expecting everybodty to be as saved as they are. Give people a breather !!!
What business do you have cli nking on Jacinta Adhiambo link and you know what she does??? Aint that closet immoral? Pretence and Hypocrisy…

Ghasia wewe…

Now complain to mods to equator me and get busy for once. You are very idle being a moral police.

Shut your sanctimonious trap and understand the subject first, si kuingia fwaaaaaa! kama punda ya plastic imepulizwa upepo…

Are you Wanderi’s son, na Ktalk ni shamba lenu?

Ghasia wewe!! Moral police kitu gani

Takataka wewe meffi ya nyumbu.

Ni venye nilisomea kwa dirisha ndo sielewi chenye huyu mzee anajaribu kusema ama ni nini?? Mzee edit hii thread na uweke info yote hapo juu and should either be that Adhiambo is dead or has been arrested if it aint that then you + this thread = UMEFFI RELOADED

If you do not understand spend your Monday on something else. This is not remedial education.

Actually this site aint a church, you should take your holier than thou attitude and shove it in your deeper than the ocean ass