Je Umetembelea Kituo?

Visiting a VCT center has lingered at the top of my priority list for a very long time but i never had the balls to do so.Like most men my age i have had a colorful sex life.Apart from my wife i have had a few “massage with Extras” i have had a fling with a beautiful teller and on one or two occasions i dry fried had(regrets galore).This year i have screwed this kao chick who is a nymphomaniac and apparently has a boyfie(she was on rebound).
Anyway today i decided fear would not do it’s blackmail shit on me anymore!I psyched myself up and decided what will be let it be,there are a thousand and one ways to die and HIV is just one of them.So i walk into this VCT center,i give them a false name and proceed to get tested.This was the longest ten minutes or so of my life as i await for ither the single line or double line that would hitherto decide how i conduct the business of life in the coming days.
Suffice it to say mimi ni “Mweupe kama Pamba”!

:rolleyes:siendi. We already know that in this village all birrionaires here are clean

Afadhali Wewe umejua.mimi huogopa maze kwenda huko.

Picha of the result or we assume it never happened :wink:

Halafu ugongwe na pick up mzee hata haina insuarance you will die a white (mweupe kama pamba) man

It is no big deal,the last time i tested was 10yrs ago.Just walk in without too much debate with your demons…at least you will be at peace going forward.

I was forced to do so by circumstances. Not the easiest thing to do.

[quote=“zachary, post:5, topic:90933”]

Halafu ugongwe na pick up mzee hata haina insuarance you will die a white (mweupe kama pamba)

You are very right but i at least you will have silenced those voices that keep telling you those frightful things every time you catch a cold or whenever you decide to do outside catering.[/QUOTE]

Yep,it takes some balls to do it.


Kwanza wewe you need to do so urgently.

siwezi brathe.i know sina ukimwi

Yangu ilikuwa 11 months back when we were getting a kiddo with my wife kabla ni sort Auditor,wacha ningoje kidogo tu.

true. very true indeed, murufu ya suruari kende iwess reta ukimwi:)


refer to my avatar ngiti

Mimi nilipewa certificate of good health 10years ago, two more decades to go until I’m due for another check up

sawa sasa nirushie huyo mkamba…pia mimi nikuwe safi kama @pamba.

Hahahaha hahahaha
Code for philandering…
Kupima ni noma, na kunyamba nyamba as you wait for the results ni kawaida. Doc aliniambia that even nuns dread this test

ile dryfry huwa kwa catholics:D:D:D:D:D:D