Jazenah 15

Tamu Kama Sunguch … :D:D




Siwezimind kukaa nyuma ya choo kama anahara

@administrator protect the Elders. This is now a psycho on the loose.

[SIZE=5]I have been making this appeal Ad Infinitum
No Official response whatsoever …[/SIZE]. :mad::mad:

@cortedivoire raped his mother and sold the clip to xxxn , he is a mad man madder than @kanguthu who like USA soldiers has nightmares of men who raped him in his hustle

:D:D:D @administrator jamaa wa wanchani is one of the pillars of this community…his wise discourse and one liners are full of wisdom and garb…elders wawachane na yeye:cool:

@administrator must be receiving some really memorable blow jobs and hand jobs from this stray dog to ignore his shenanigans this long.

postwall swafeee