Jaymo Ule Msee

Dawa yao…(Kanseme wa kenya)…you gotta av thick to try this


Not really. You just walk out

But you wait till the food is in the stomach. The loud soundtrack is annoying.

mimi huwa nachill nje alafu najiseti mbali kiasi namtime nikimuona nakirende namshow something urgent has come up…tekee!!!

I agree. Jaymo hangewacha hao madame wapige order alafu he leaves them stranded so that they can learn a lesson.

Freeloaders need to be punished sometimes. Life ain’t fair.

ivo ndio inatakanga date ni ya watu wawili si committe :D:D

A gentleman avoids trouble when he sees it. Mambo ya punishment wachia the heavens.

You walk out mara that that.

You stay there, act all civil and nice, then after everyone has eaten his full including dessert, you ask the waiter to give everyone their bills according to what each has consumed.

Why invite all that drama? Just chomoka immediately… And confidently… like your avatar hehehe…



Kind of an old video though. Yeah, you stay there finish what you’re having then leave.