Jayden coming out of the closet


@childish !?!?!

Serikali itafutie OP kazi ama tumfiiinye.



How long have you been harboring these closet thoughts?
Could someone have molested you to the tune of making you see homosexuality in every situation?
Even in solemn situations?

i always avoid hugging a fellow man , hio upuss lazima betachieth macron ali initiate

Labda alikuwa ana plead akibeg amfinyie through pass ya kienyeji safi. Macro ni kama amechoka kutomba huyo nyanya Mzee ako na wrinkled washed up pussi.

@ChildishGambino bloody fool show some respect to the commander in Chief ama tutakufinya!

Well if that excites you…we can adequately and accurately conclude your interests are bordering faggôttry

:D:D:D kabisa



Upuuus sana

Niulize tu na sio kwa ubaya juu wewe ni specialist wa hii maneno, bana how does Macron manage to lay that dinosaur wife of his? Does her vagina get wet? Apo si ni kukauka wakidinyana msee unafikiria mtu anapasua kuni?? Eeeeww!!

Probably smells like stale cheese