Jay Z is a GOAT


Greatest rapper of all time my opinion

Jay-z is a great entrepreneur, but not the greatest MC of all time. On My list of great MC’s He is NOT top 20.

Kwa biz ako juu kuliko mistari

Jay Z REALLY IS THE “GREATEST” rapper of this generation.

The GOAT discussion in hiphop needs to clearly distinguish between “greatest” and “best.” He’s the current GOAT but he’s definitely not the best ever. “Best” to me is all about the technical skills in the booth as an emcee. There are some underground emcees who can butcher him in a rap battle. There are also some mainstream cats who are bar for bar more solid lyrically than Jay. However, Jay is the current GOAT because of the following, overally:

-Sales & Hits
-Power & business acumen
-Hottt, most desirable wife

Who else even comes?

Sio ngufu ya illuminati?

[SIZE=1]Guka 2 cents[/SIZE]

Mkubwa when looking at greatness, you must analyze the competition beaten, what competition has Jay ZED beaten, how did he grow from a battle rapper to this bigger than life MUMBLE rapper that he is today. Hip hop has very many elements. ALL that listed by yourself may be due his religious affiliation and selling his Saul.

Umeona huyu anakaa mbuzi ya meeeeh meeeeh kwa microphone?

Huyu nasikia ako Illuminati pamoja na Bibi yake

If illuminati can bestow such talent in a person, then perhaps this thing deserves a second glance

Jay z and his buddy Kanye are blasphemous Satanist

Too much testerone in this bit… how did it even get pregnant


the Illuminati don’t bestow talent, they pick the most talented person they can manipulate to do their bidding, talent is always God-given & Jay Z is One of the Best MC’s But he’s most definitely not at the top of the pile Lyrically.