Java Vs C#

Hello talkers? Need some help here.Between C# and Java ,which is the most commonly used today in the market (Software Industry)?

Asking Coz i want to specialize with one.

C# - If you want to specialize in the Microsoft application world.

Java- If you want to specialize in android applications or sort of Oracle oriented apps.
Go for C#.
C# will give you the basics of C or C++. With that you can branch to embedded systems if you feel out of place.

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Java is pretty common nowadays. I’m planning to do a refresher on it.

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Ati? :D:D:D:D:D


Look at this link…dont thank me.

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Just pick any, learn and use. All are commonly used

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What do you actually want to do with your programming skills? Depending on your level of competence, both languages can accomplish the same tasks.

Personally I think Java is the language of the devil. Its slow, contains security issues and lacks some features available in superior programming languages.

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C is the grandfather, C++ is the son, and C# a rogue step-grandson. Java and C++ would be the best combination for a start.

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Java is the best. Forget others.

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@aristide, what do you mean java is slow, and lacks features available in superior programming languages??? Which features exactly do you speak of?? And which example of a “Superior Language” is better than Java??

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Everybody seems to support what he knows best.
Mimi naunga mkono gang ya Java


@Jimit njoo tunge scratch mkono

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Cone again

The Java Virtual Machine is slow, that’s a fact of life. And in this day and age you can use other languages to build cross platform applications.

Java has always been a poor performer with large arrays and floating point arithmetic, updating between versions breaks applications and the runtime environment is a security and operational headache.

You could literally pick any modern programming language. C#, Go, Python, Ruby.

Maybe kotlin instead of Python

I hear good things about Kotlin as a Java replacement though I have no experience with it.

Google added it as an official android language

C# is a language that is going nowhere. It has been silently rejected by developers the way they rejected Intel itanium processors.
Other than a few ASP.NET websites here and there, most windows software is still being written in C and C++. Microsoft itself tried to develop office using C# and they had to revert back to C++. That should tell you something.

Citation needed.


Create a list of popular applications that you know are written in C# it will give you insights. You also witnessed the collapse of windows phone because developers refused to code apps for it. What was the language that Microsoft was forcing them to use??