Jaruos hamna political tolerance hata kidogo?


Mkia ngapi leo mami

But still, unless he made it clear during campaigns that he was not on jowie side, this is unfair of him especially the timing. It is akin to betrayal

In Jaluo’s mind, voting for Raila is being democratic and doing the contrary is being undemocratic.

Also, election is only credible and fair if Raila wins. When he loses, the votes were stolen.


They have meffi in their brains. Jaluo jinga sana.

Also according to meno nje ,you all follow ur leaders like whores too , afadhali wakamba huwa tunafollow were we see fit .kijana yenu ako na diehards huku but nyinyi you are rigid as fuck .

The guy campaigned and got elected under the Azimio umbrella. So now that he has won, he thinks that punda ishafikisha mzigo itupwe mbali? Nope. Punda iko na mateke lazima ikupige

Some of our politicians lack principles


I believe you are both wrong on this.
Alfred Keter won the UDA ticket for Nandi Hills fairly. But since he was perceived as a threat to Ruto, his ticket was revoked and given to someone else.
We are always the first to say how betrayal is wrong and how Raila is a political conman, well, what is wrong with the people who elected him showing their disapproval?

yah was like do i hear a kettle calling the pot black:rolleyes:

Our politicians lack principles because our politics lacks the same and most Kenyans are not honest with themselves.

Raila anaita Maandamano but could not hire us the youth of Kenya as agents. Let his MPs and advisers do this work…anatubeba wana sana

Politics is a dirty game, not only here in Kenya but everywhere in the world.

Ojinga and his indiots…uncouth violent dimwits…if burning his house helps kupunguza machungu…to the ashes…

…you lot i.e. and not David’s house :D…zichome I say…

Wacheni kuchoma Mali ya CDF buana :D:D

so Azimio is now lecturing us about principles and loyalty yet their own chairman is the epitome of betrayal and conmanship and is the one who set bad precedent. Ojingaism and their culture of violence must be defeated

Kenya Kwanza hired an audit firm to check all the form 34As and retally to confirm the the results. William Ruto really believes in professionals. Hii side ingine tunaachia nchi mzima jamaa kama Junet. I weep for baba

But huyo MP alicheza hao watu banae

alienda kwa Ruto iliwatu wa constituency yake wasibaki nje ya serikali. Kama ni Raila alishinda angebaki tu assimio

Ata Ojinga wishes for handshake…ni vile hakuna this roundi…:D:D:D…Bondo straight akasumbue lupita snr kukula Mali ya Kisum