Jaruo zibarikiwe Sana.

These dark stout fellows zilipewa akili mzuri Sana. Ona vile zinaunda mashini ambayo ilikuwa scrap metal inarudi kitu chonjo:
From this:[ATTACH=full]280129[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]280130[/ATTACH]
To this:

Job well done

Is it a secret that they are the country’s bravest and cleverest men? Their only weakness is seeing a yellow yellow Njeri with a big ass then all the brain melts away

Their only undoing is tumaringo and what you have just mentioned. Otherwise they are brainy and dedicated to work.

These people are good in what they do.


Jaruo ni useless

Hahahaha. Sio zote.

Jaruos tend to be brainiacs. They have a disporpotionately high percentage of professors in this country.

Apparently, a fish based diet tends to make people smarter.

Due to omega fats that help in brain development.

Thats also why the japanese also tend to be brainiacs

True. Especially since they feed on tuna which has higher levels of omega fats than other types of fish.

… until they hear the name odinga. Vichwa vinageuka kabat ya meno

with materials you can restore any machine

Another foolish comment, check professors in ku, jkuat, uon and come back and repeat that.

We understand Otieno fucked your wife hence the bitterness. Maybe if your wife had actually closed her legs this discussion wouldn’t exist

It’s a waste of time even to insult u

Omeras excel in technical fields I. E. Mechanics, carpentry, tailoring etc. Things that require great skill and creativity

Peleka ukabila kwa mamako ghaseer…

Uko Na ufala sana. The thread is tribal