Japanese to English Transleshen

Wadau, my car audio, Eclipse AVN-R8W appears to be loaded with lots of functionality but I’m only scratching the surface because the menu is in Japanese.

I know manufacturers build in various languages in their products but I have no idea how to get to the language screen.

Saidieni tafadhali.

Weka hii app itakusaidia kiasi ,just hover on the car stereo face and voila![ATTACH=full]416343[/ATTACH]

use google translate for a few functions concerning music playback. most of the other functions concerning maps, tv, fm radio, and stuff are customized to japan and are useless here. An no, in many of those radios the language cannot be changed because they were meant to be JDM. changing to an equivalent aftermarket radio costs between 30 and 40k. so it’s between a rock and a hard place. android systems on newer cars could be better.

Use FM expander to get a little bit more channels, if you want more from it you will be disappointed. They are only useful for the reverse camera and a few FM stations, in short they are pieces of shiet