Japanese Strange Names Of Cities and Companies

Sema kuhitilifiana kwa lugha. The Japanese language makes strong emphasis on the the sound of vowels like in Kumamoto the last part moto sounds like motohh!

Kumamoto is the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan. There is a major Toyota factory that makes Corollas.

Anahara is located in Fukushima and about 10 minutes by car from Iizaka

Tomba is a platform game developed by Whoopee Camp and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. The game was initially released in Japan in December 1997 and worldwide the following year.

Ujimoto is a very common name just like Kamau or Otieno in Kenya

Kuma is Japanese name for bear

Am japanese na sisumbui

History has it that our first president used to call the popular Olympic champion ‘Kipchoge Kitu hiyo ingine’

If it’s not strange in Japanese then toa u @Punda hapa…shenji

“Kipchoge Kîrîa

Umebeba upuzi instead of mizigo? Wewe sio punda , wewe ni fuda!!:D:D:D

There is also Kobe, Matako, Mnyambo

He he he…kubaff