Japanese machine ime fly - waaaah




Hi tuliona when Julius was Caesar

Excellent! One less Subaru on the road. Hope the driver is ok tho.

:D:Dnigga hiyo ni scrap… dont see anything salvageable labda wa body

There is at least 100 k in goodies from the wreck. The tires and rims plus one headlight and taillight. I see a good exhaust too. The engine block looks untouched.

Pays tens of thousands in modifications but has a tiny little extinguisher that couldn’t put out a camp fire.

why would anyone even want to put off a fire on this scrap

That car is/was allegedly owned by a nondescript music group called Ethic. Apparently, they bragged about it on some media station just hours before rolling with it.

Generally, Subarus in this country are driven by young, immature drivers. That’s something Subaru Kenya needs to work on because Subaru International is currently keen on attracting the more mature, family-oriented buyer as opposed to these young, dumb and broke fanatics.