Japanese girls talk about how long s*x should last


senye zao ziko sideways banae
[SIZE=1]lakini siwezi mind[/SIZE]

Not counting the kissy kissy part after penetration 9 minutes max. missionary 3 minutes, doggy 3 minutes. then sideways 3 minutes, makes sure to deposit the seed as deep as possible/

No wonder their population is declining…too many demands

Black kings should land there and teach these women what sex is.

Lanye wa japan unaweza pata ni ladyboy

One hour Japan huwa inapimwa aje ?


Nikiwa Uni I had a Japanese neighbour. Before nijanjaruke I used to live in a small remote town that was nearly an hour and a half from school. (When you are new you could pay extra for the school to get you accommodation) sasa I think waliona huyu mwafrika wacha tumtupe huko ocha. Back to my Japanese neighbour, we were also schoolmates. It went on to be that we found ourselves travelling to school or back home together many days. It was a short tram ride to a bus station (the town was so small it didn’t have a train route) then about an hour bus ride.
Naturally out of necessity, we became friends, even though communication was not easy (her accent made it hard to understand her plus she didn’t speak any English at all). We grew close over time and when schoolmates were going out for drinks on Friday nights, she would only go if I was going too (security reasons she said). It happened that on this one day we stayed out a bit too late, and missed the last bus. We found an Ibis and split the cost of a double room. That day we had a long chat till the small hours of the night. It was a beautiful warm, fun and cosy conversation. Then kawaida ya us foolish men, I took this as a cue to try and kiss her. Weeeh, I’ve never seen a woman jump back that fast. I apologised then there was an awkward extended silence.
She walked to the bathroom, washed her face, then came back to the room, sat by the window sill looked me straight in the eye and said “But Longertime how would I explain to my parents that I was with a man like you, you know (awkward silence) a black man?”
That pierced me. It felt like such a racist thing to say but she said it with such sincerity and such earnest in her eyes that I could not bring my self to feel indignant. Anyway, that night ruined even the friendship, cause from then on, it always felt awkward to be around each other.

2 or so years later, I faced a similar question from a Vietnamese chic, then a Chinese Malaysian in quick succession.

These 3 separate yet eerily similar conversations (what will I tell my parents?) gave some deep insight into how asians view romantic interest from blacks.

I was told their pussy is horizontal like a smile. That’s why if you attempt to watch REAL Japanese porn, the genitals are pixilated. They look weird. Ni kama mdomo iko na ulimi inatokea kwa side (the clit).


Obviously not true, but am sure you knew this already.

Shit venye nmesoma very keenly hoping that utaketa hekaya ya venye senyeste ya mjap huwa.

Trollll. Sibishani na wewe kitu obvioua

Shika hii basi.
Huyu sikumbuki nilimjuaje hapo memory iko foggy kiasi. But I think I knew her through a friend who lived in the same city as her. She was an alcoholic. A problem alcoholic. She was married and had 2 kids. Her husband was ridiculously rich. I think he owned all the buildings on the street on which they lived or at least a majority of the buildings. But he was always working and neglected her kabisa. She was emaciated (kinda) and she just frankly never took good care of herself at all. Whenever I was in their city we’d meet up and have a few drinks pamoja. In retrospect I feel guilty that I helped add fuel to her drinking problem.
I’m not sure if it was my first time ever to go to her place or if I had been there before. But this day we were at her place on the sofa having drinks. This still ranks among the most ehm well, surprising? initiations of sex I’ve ever seen. The woman without warning, reached for my belt and unbuckled it. She reached into my underwear, brought out the dick and like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do, started sucking it. Well she was getting no complaints from me. If I remember correctly one of her kids walked in on us and she nonchallantly shooed him away, I think, sikumbuki vizuri hio part. Or maybe I was already to tipsy to care. What I do remember is that the moment the penis realised he was going to get Japanese goodies today he puffed out like an aggressive cobra.
I didn’t really care that I had no cd or how unnatural the whole set up was. She nonchallantly bent over and gave me the bottoms up model. To answer your question. No Japanese pussy is not sideways and no it doesn’t taste any different from other pussies. But since sex is more mental than physical, the novelty of knowing you are fucking a rare specimen will make you cum bucketloads (less than 50 million japanese women in the whole world and only a very tiny fraction of those ever have sex with foreigners).

Can the same be said of blacks?

Above memory iko hazy sana, here’s a clearer one, but South Korean not Japanese.

In Germany there’s something called mitfahren (hitch hiking). You log in to a site e.g. mitfahren.de then you type in where you are e.g. Kibwezi and where you want to go, say Oloitokitok. Then all the private vehicles owners on the site going that route can see your request. So the car owner will select whatever number of people he wants and the passengers will pool together to pay for the fuel cost.
So I found myself in such an arrangement as I was travelling to a town just south of Frankfurt. In the vehicle seated at the back with me was a South Korean girl. She was travelling further south than I was (to Würzburg , Bavaria). Anyway, we had some small chit chat but I wasn’t really interested in much chatting as I had a rather serious matter to attend to where I was going and was trying real hard to concentrate my thoughts on it.
She later confessed that this intense concentration on my face is what made her so intrigued. So anyway, just before we reached my destination she asked for my phone number. I gave it to her.
Some days letter I got a text message. It was her. Having successfully navigated the matter that had taken me down south, I was this time a bit more relaxed. We exchanged texts back and forth, before she invited me to Würzburg . I honoured the invitation. She lived in a nice studio apartment.
She was a masters student. Really smart as are many asian scholars. She started telling me about her course and why she had come to Bavaria - blah blah, I knew what she wanted, and I wanted it too. So as she blah blah’d I reached in for a kiss. She dug in with ferocity. We had some seriously intense sex on that small single bed of hers. I remember thinking, damn, that’s a big ass for an asian girl as I removed her panty and the ass popped right out.

Unfortunately we disagreed that same night. She woke me up in the middle of the night asking if I could take her to McDonald’s. I was tired and in no mood to leave the house especially not at that hour. She took offence to that and proceeded to be petulant the rest of the night. I’d been scheduled to spend the entire weekend in Würzburg but that morning opted to cut my stay short. I got a mitfahr that was headed my destination and left while she was still pouting. It’s the last we saw of each other. It was a short and explosive night, but an experiment well worth the trouble.

Not really. Interracial couples with a black partner are a dime a dozen. And I’m pretty confident the population of blacks worldwide is well over 1 billion and rapidly growing.

Leta number.

Hii ni story ya nearly a decade and a half ago.