Japanese cars language change

Any solutions to changing the language on the stereo on these Japanese imported cars.

Buy a radio specified for European, Australian or American market. Or use a translated manual and cram the sequences. Most have no option of changing language.

the best option ndio hii http://www.ke.emb-japan.go.jp/JICC/JICC_e/LanguageEducation/IntroductoryLanguageCourse.html

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In no time, you’ll know your way around it. Zoeana nayo!!

Ati mujamaa ang’ang’ane kusoma kijapanese sababu ya radio tu!

Which radio? there’s a talker who has managed to crack them. Anaitwa Jimmy ama kitu kama hio.

download Google tlanslate kwa play store… kuna hako ka option ka camera capture… capture those maandishi …that’s how I managed to translate… don’t thank me later

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Hahahaha radio ya gari ifanye nijue Japanese? Shindwe. Afadhali nikufe nikisikia FM

It does depend on the vehicle to some degree or model, as I know some unit can be changed. However, I got here a link from You tube, hope this might help.

Domestic market is widely spread and not new to us, so these cars are accessible for changes. Just need to upgrade.

It works well

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