Japan/Vumbistan fighting cults

Why cant we do this in kenya?

The Japanese government decided Thursday to seek a court order to dissolve the Unification Church after a nearly yearlong probe into the controversial group over its history of coercing members into making large donations, culture minister Masahito Moriyama said.

With the order, the church will be stripped of its religious corporation status and associated tax benefits.

The government has judged the church has engaged in financially damaging donation solicitation, Moriyama told reporters, adding the group has been ordered by the courts to pay as much as 20 billion yen ($134 million) in compensation to around 1,550 victims.

The Unification Church has inflicted suffering on many people and violated civil law, which “deviated from the intended purpose of a religious corporation,” said the education, culture, sports, science and technology minister.

In the 1980s, the Unification Church became notorious in Japan for spiritual sales, in which followers were pressured to buy jars and other items for exorbitant prices via the use of threats, such as invoking “ancestral karma” as a catalyst for misfortune.

The renewed focus on the Church has highlighted the difficulties encountered by “second-generation” family members of its followers, who have experienced financial and other hardships due to their parents’ devotion to the religion.

My thinking is if… churches enjoy tax exemption and thus not a business…all offerings and tithes collected should be ploughed back to the community it serves.

By the way the Nigga who shot former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe kwa street last year was the son of a mother whose large donations to the Unification Church severely impacted his family.

Shinzo alikuwa mfuasi wa hiyo kanisa.

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Last time anyone tried to ask that we moderate the churches around here, she was told that she and her husband worship satan. Good luck trying to help sheep.


Not advocating for violence… but the assasination of the former Prime Minister was the catalyst that put the church activities under a microscope.

Kanyari , daddy and mummy, helicopter etc typing and deleting

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Japan, when it was under the emperor’s rule, suppressed the spread of Christianity due to its perceived unreceptive message that “blessed are the poor, for they shall see God after salvation”. At that time, the majority of Japan’s population were peasants and were desperate to clutch on any form of hope. Serikali ilikataa hiyo maneno under the emperor’s order.

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This is a corrupt teaching of the word, and goes directly against the idea of blessings and prosperity as rewards from God. Why would you be blessed after you’re dead for suffering when you were alive? Upuzi huo.

The teachings in the Bible has borne the worst cults and reasonable churches in equal measure. The human mind and heart are gullible.

I always wonder, If the church really needs money
to operate why cant the men of cloth just buy lottery tickets and pray for Divine intervention…operation costs covered by one prayer
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