Japan, tombwa

Carlos Ghosn is safe in Lebanon

The samurais would have hanged him.

Japan conviction rate : 99% so he was sure to go to prison

Japan crime rate : 0.28

Ghosn is a thief, the French abandoned him, the Americans gave him the middle finger, the Brazilians would have handed him over, so Lebanon was his only choice,since the countries don’t have an extradition treaty, though chances are he’ll come back willingly, its the only way he’ll clear his name,otherwise he can just burn through his filthy stolen money reminiscing the good old times when he ran Nissan.

Can we do this in KE? If not, then be very careful investing in public companies

I hear Japanese Lawyers dont help foreigners. They are more interested in appeasing their system.I also hear that Ghosn is a sacrificial lamb. Japanese dont like foreigners owing their automobiles.

Japanese prosecutors are very powerful, you become their target no matter who you are you will go down.Look at that conviction rate

The French have filed charges on Ghosn for stealing money in a separate case, so all this criticism is meaningless.Dude is guilty it’s the fact that he’s from the west that there’s so much criticism.Last I checked multiple Japanese companies have been led by foreigners Sony, Mazda,Mitsubishi but there were no problems.

Though I do also think Ghosn was targeted not for being a foreigner but for trying to have the French government buy a controlling stake in Nissan a Japanese company, for which they already own 45% stake something the Leaders of Nissan very much dislike but the fact that Ghosn stole money is still present

From what I read is that he did commit fraud. But a 99% conviction rate tells that the prosecutor performs a prosecutorial role as well as a juror. The judge is just there for decorative purposes.

True but when you have one of the lowest crime rates in the world does it matter?