Jangos is this true got this from a luo


I may not be a religious guy but some of the traditions in my tribe are very backward and demonic.Take for example the tradition of wife inheritance.

Sometimes back in my village this widow died of HIV .Being that she had not been inherited(one of her inlaws having sex with her ), the burial could not take place.Here we were in the 21st century a woman dies of HIV and the elders in the village say the burial cannot take place until someone has sex with the corpse so as to honour tradition.

So what did they do, they gave a certain young man alcohol and some few thousand shillings, then they made that young man have sex with the corpse of the widow who died of AIDS. The young man had to have sex with the corpse in the presence of the elders for them to confirm he actually did the job.

Now tell me how that is not demonic and wicked.And such acts are done in a village where people are supposedly born again christians.

We need a complete overhaul of Luo culture.


hizi ndo story munaambinaga pale circumcision mkinyonyana kunyi?


Halsfu unasupport muthungu with all this nonsense as part of you?

The bible came from the east muzungus have ordin, Jupiter, Hercules, Juno as their God’s the bible is a Jewish book easterners

Now, that IS sick!

Can the young man use a condom ?

A friend of mine had his dad called to Ushago uko Got Alila by village elders. The meeting was about a relative who had died some few months prior. Kufika uko, jamaa was sat down and told he was the one inheriting the wife. They had arranged everything even her belongings. But alikataa.

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Culture does not permit that

Why contradict yourselves?
You guys put on modern apparel, visit hospitals, attend school, eat cooked food, bathe with soap, attend church, participate in elections, transact using cash, etc, etc.
Swali ni; why do you guys fall back on “culture” when it comes to rationalizing backward retarded stuff?

Condoms not allowed. Fluids must mix for the cleansing to take place.