Janelle Monae's succulent boobs


Imbeciles like Janelle are the reason why the black community in the US is packaged togetehr with other transgender nonsense.

peleka geh propaganda ulipotoka… nugu nyeus

is this who I think she is?

As usual,a gay man crying at the sight of sexy boobs… Lol

:D:D:Dhizo magoti… consequnecesza bottom up face down

Yes. She is. Charlene Ruto in Thaighland. Giving men “sleepless nights”

your post is literally promoting the geh agenda:D how daft can one be

@Nyamgondho kuja tuambie how much the watch on this lass’s wrists costs

She has been on her knees…a lot

Hii nakula alfu niandikwe ambassador pale Luxembourg…

Those tirries are tasty banae

I’m sure the videographers had a hard time filming this

Terrible genes, yani huyu anakaa hivi with all that money?

Looks like something from Michael Kors.

They probably hired a lesbian. Huyo dame ni feminazi and lesbian but anakuanga mali safi.

Unakula nani hapa? You stand high chances of becoming Nairobi governor kuliko kukula hizi. In short hauwezi kula hii

Who is she elder?

That’s right tell him the truth