Jana Entire Kenya Was A Tinderbox, Mood Ilikuwa Kama Ile Ya 2007 December 31st

Wueh, jana a simple matchstick would have ignited the air in Kenya. Businesses closed early people were edgy and couldn’t watch the choirs singing on TV, others were glued onto their phones following live happenings via youtube.

If it had been postponed by another day leo Kenya kungekuwa na vita MSA, NRB, KSM, NKR.

Hats off to Chebukati for transparency

Mdogo mdogo steps to general population democratic maturity.

Kenyans are maturing politically with every election.

Weeuh how I hated that feeling, na sis tumeshinda jobu from Wednesday , 2007 then me and my Kalenjin friends voted for Rao, it cost us a whole semester at home

I disagree, i think IEBC taking their sweet time was a good thing, it made people exhausted. And once ruto was mentioned people were quickly to move on. If it would have been announced a day or two after the election, kangenuka.

what % did kales give ruto?

By the second or third day it was clear who had won and people had time to let it sink in, yesterday was just a confirmation of what everyone already knew.