Jamhuri Mimi Huyooooo!

The next photos you see of Stormy Monday will be from me. Logging off for take-off for NBO in the amazing Dreamliner.

Here’s one for the DFHKM team.[ATTACH]43430[/ATTACH][ATTACH]43431[/ATTACH]


Karibu nyumbani bro

Unakuwaga majuu?

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Men, that is tight. Karibu nyumbani.

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Welkam home… Can I dare you? Sing the Roger Whitaker song ‘My Land Is Kenya’ loudly in the plane


Welcome home.

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Yani hii Jenerali ya Jubilee manages to mobilize all these machinery against the opposition from abroad!
Karibu nyumbani Boss! wewe hata hauhitaji “while you were away” brief


Kijibaba kizee bado excited about flying.

Upusss. Grow up

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What is tight? Are you gay perhaps?

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Idiot post

Where have you been all this time your relatives have been behaving like monkeys?

You love dead bodies like babuon.

Boss badala ufanye quotation zako za wiring unaamka kuruka ruka kijiji asubuhi hii yote kama mwenda wazimu?



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Uliisoma kwa nini?

Behold the new Arrivals at Terminal 1A. No longer do we come in through a parking garage. Immigration, Customs, out in 25 minutes after finding the baggage already spinning in the brand new carousels.

Na huku manegativo wakisema nothing has been achieved in 3 years of UhuRuto!!


Karibu Baba, while you were away President Uhuru started his development tour of Ukambani and the recently aggrieved wiper leader watermelon has joined him. Kazi tu hapa. Huyo mwingine ni troll seeking attention, let him entertain us.


Thanks sana walionikaribisha nyumbani.

karibu nyumbani